Arrivederci, Lauren...

And they're in Rome.
Number Left Before Elimination: 6
Challenge: Walking in front of and impressing a designer who looks kind of like one of the seven dwarfs. But apperently he's an amazing designer, so whatever.
Winner: Anya. Again. Whitney is jealous.
Photoshoot: Is not a photoshoot but a Cover Girl commercial in Italian. Lauren is the worst, but Dominique isn't too good either. Judges get mad at Whitney for being fake.
Bottom Two: Lauren and Whitney
Going Home: Lauren

Da Girls (Da bears. Da bulls. Don't get it? You weren't watching SNL on Tuesday, were you?):
Anya: Is my new hero. She actually spoke up against the girls talking behind other girls' backs. Granted, it was in an interview, and not to Dominique's face, but still. Brownie points, nonetheless. And she tried to take care of Fatima while she was sick. Everyone keeps saying how much Anya looks like a model. Still talks like an alien, though, and continues to give off the impression that she is maybe not the brightest bulb in the bunch.
Dominique: Still a bitch.
Fatima: Rocked her commercial despite being sick. Atta girl. Has tuned down the bitchiness. Still don't know about trusting her, though.
Katarzyna: Had a personality this week! So now I like her. She tried to reteach Tyra to say her name (KatARzyna instead of KatarZYNA), but Tyra ignored her. I kind of hate Tyra for that. It's her NAME, bitch. Learn how to say it.
Lauren: Very awkward during the commercial, didn't even try. It was clear from the beginning that she was going home this week with no gorgeous picture to save her. Plus Tyra never liked her, and you need Tyra to like you if you plan on staying around. Eliminated.
Whitney: Keeps saying semi-bitchy things. No, Whitney! Don't go there! The judges called her fake like 10 times this week. My prediction: She'll be the next one to go.

Next Week: Tyra's the photographer. Pressure, pressure, pressure...


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