Bones: Player Under Pressure

Here it is, the lost Bones episode. "Player Under Pressure" was supposed to air as episode 2.19, but was pulled due to the Virgina Tech shootings. And I must say, for all of this wait and buildup, I was underwhelmed. The mystery was pretty good- I did not guess the killer, unlike last week (although I did guess that Kobe's girlfriend was somehow involved), but it still wasn't what I would consider a strong Bones episode. Better than last week, but I was still kind of disappointed. I was expecting a lot of Hodgins-Angela stuff, and though there were a few scenes where Cam and Angela were talking about Hodgela (haha what a silly couple name), there was no actual Angela-Hodgins interaction. I didn't not like it, I just didn't love it (and I realize that I have high expectations.) Come on, Bones, I know you have it in you. We need an episode like "Judas on a Pole" or "Aliens in a Spaceship." And we need to get to Max's trial and catch Gormagon already.
Next week: Bones and Booth temporarily adopt a baby whose parents were killed. Yay, Booth and Bones playing parents!


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