I came into Idol about halfway through last night (when i turned it on, the Grossly Unsubtle Product Placement Set To Music, otherwise known as the "Ford Music Video," was playing.) The Davids and Brooke (grrr) were on the couch of safety. More celebs who weren't good enough for the actual Idol Gives Back were there begging for money. Also making an appearance were the three main contenders for president. They all pretty much said the same thing, although McCain snuck in a comment about Florida and Michigan's votes not counting. Ha! Not a McCain supporter, but I loved that he wasn't afraid to say that, as opposed to Hillary and Obama (go Obama!), who played it completely straight.
Next up and facing elimination (yeah, right) was Jason Castro. He's safe. I love how when a contestant is safe, Ryan tries to build suspense. "Jason *pause* *pause* *pause* you're safe." But if they're getting sent to the space chairs of doom, he's all nice to them. You suck, Ryan. We will see more of this suckage soon.
But not before Kristy Lee Cook, who came onstage saying, "I hate this..." (this being always being sent to the bottom three) is sent to safety. Yeah, what??? It's just cruel that they won't put her out of her misery already.
That leaves us with Syesha, Carly, and Micheal in the bottom three. Before commercials, they show them all huddled together backstage. Ryan says, "When we come back, we'll find out who got the lowest amount of votes." Carly raises her hand. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.
But, as we already know, the American public is stupid. Why else would Micheal be in the bottom three? Why else would KLC and Barbie (her new nickname is Barbie, because I realized it was an insult to the movie to call her Little Miss Sunshine) be safe?
Ryan calls the three losers forward. Syesha and Carly are no strangers to the bottom three, but Carly looks resigned to defeat and Syesha doesn't look that nervous. Neither does Micheal. Oh, Micheal. After reading the judges' comments, Ryan says that Syesha (knew it, Carly has to go) and Carly (WHAT????) are safe. Micheal Johns, who is actually pretty good, way better than all of the girls at least, is out. Then Ryan makes it ten times worse by saying that this time last year, they didn't eliminate anyone after I.G.B. But this year, he says, we are saying goodbye to Micheal Johns. Jerk. Everyone looks shocked. Carly is crying. Micheal's family and friends don't believe it. And Paula looks like someone just told her they don't like puppies: absolutely horrified. Me, I was like WHAT THE--?
And then of course, the terrible tradition that is the sing out. I only saw part of it, because I switched over to NBC at 8:58 to make sure I didn't miss any of


WELL. I have to admit, I was a bit scared for this episode. I kept seeing interviews with the cast where they were like, This is the best episode ever! and I know they were trying to hype the show but it made me have really, really high expectations and that's never a good thing. Really high expectations, maybe, but really, really high? Not good. Because the episode was good. ish. But not great. It wasn't horrible, but it was nowhere near my favorites. There were a couple of funny moments, but mostly it was a whole lot of awkward. And not funny awkward. I think the biggest mistake was having it outside of the office. I know they started filming this episode before the writer's strike, but still. They could have (and should have) done better. And I am a huge fan of The Office, which is probably why I'm being so harsh. Because I know how amazing it can be. And it wasn't that bad. But it could have been SO MUCH BETTER.

So, brief recap:
Micheal tricks Jim and Pam (and Andy and Angela, but I don't think they object) into coming over to his and Jan's condo for a "dinner party." Dwight isn't invited. At the condo, the three couples play games, engage in awkward conversation, and don't eat. Jim tries to get out of it by claiming his apartment is flooded. But when Pam is forced to stay, she makes him stay too. Jan and Micheal call each other "babe." It's obnoxious. They all listen to Jan's former assistant's CD. (Hunter, played by Nicholas D' Augusto, who had a major guest role on Heroes this season as Cheerleader's BF. He could fly. It was exciting.) Anyways, the CD is horrible, but Jan doesn't think so- she starts dancing. Doorbell rings. I squirmed with excitement when the doorbell rang, because I knew it had to be Dwight. It was. Dwight and a date, who turns out to be his former babysitter. Pam: Awesome. Yay, I love Pam. (Jim later asks for the babysitter's email: "I have... so many questions." Babysitter: "Email?" Right.) More awkwardness. We find out that Jan has forced Micheal to have three vasectomies. Ewwwww. A huge argument breaks out between Jan and Micheal. [Ok, side note. I don't really like Jan. I think he actress who plays her is fantastic, but Micheal is so much less funny when she is around.] Anyways, the police come (someone called about a disturbance). Dwight: I can handle this. Policeman: Not now, Dwight. Hee, love it. Micheal has to go stay with a friend. Dwight volunteers, but Micheal looks to Jim and Pam. Jim: My apartment is on fire. Pam: Flooded. Jim: Flooded. Ha.
The episode ends with the three main couples (Jim and Pam, Angela and Andy, Micheal and Dwight) in cars, the first two couples eating. Jim and Pam eat burgers, and call each other "babe," imitating Jan and Micheal. Jim stole Hunter's CD and starts playing it. Andy and Angela eat ice cream. He takes a bite out of her cone. She drops it out the window, purposefully smearing the side of his car. Ouch.
No tag this week :(.

So I know I was being kind of mean earlier, but there were some parts of this episode that I really enjoyed. I loved the whole Jim's apartment being flooded/on fire thing. I loved Pam's face when Jim said his apartment was flooded, because she knew he was trying to get out of it- they know each other so well and it makes me happy. I loved how Dwight brought his old babysitter as his date. And I loved how the police officer knew Dwight.
It was also kind of cool seeing how they (they being the crew) hid the pregnancy of Angela. Angela (real person, not Anglea character) is about seven months pregnant but you totally couldn't tell, they hid it so well.

I have high hopes for next week's episode, because we were promised some major Jim/Pam action (yay!). Overall, it was an ok (spell check is telling me that ok is not a word. nor is okay. what?) episode, but mostly I'm just excited because THE OFFICE IS BACK!!!

I also watched Scrubs, but am not going to give a detailed recap/analysis because this is getting really long. Basically, I thought it was kind of uneven, but I feel sorry for the people who work on Scrubs, because they've had ridiculous scheduling/network changes and other such debacles. Right now, they are supposed to come back for one last season on ABC (they are currently on NBC.) It's craziness! So, the episode felt a little rusty, but I did laugh a few times. Again, just looking forward to next week!


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