Way to go, show! How I Met Your Mother was AWESOME last night. We had a Robin Sparkles video, Lily experiencing revertigo (when you see someone from your past and revert back to who you were at the time- we got to see Lily doing the fake- ghetto thing), Lily and Marshall acting like Robin's parents (Lily: Have you been drinking, young lady? Robin: Yeah, we all have, you bought the last round) and, best of all, a Robin-Barney hook-up. And I just have to say, called it!

It was such a classic HIMYM episode, with all of the flashbacks, and the Canada jokes, and oh I'm just so excited about Barney and Robin that I really can't think about anything else!!

James Van Der Beek was actually quite funny as Simon, Robin's first boyfriend (To quote from Robin's video, "It was the greatest week and a half... of my life.") I liked how Ted and Marshal had smaller parts this week, they're really shuffling the focus around, and after recent Ted and Marshal heavy episodes, it was nice to give Robin a turn. And Lily was hilarious. I love how she keeps getting funny bits (last week with horny Lily and this week with revertigo Lily). Alyson Hannigan is hilarious, and I love that the writers get that. Also, I was impressed with Barney comforting Robin. It was sweet without being corny and everything he sad was utterly Barney. Some characters don't really work when they're not doing what they normally do (like Barney always being funny), but I thought the Barney and Robin in the bar scene worked really well. Neil Patrick Harris = God.

About the "Sandcastles in the Sand" video- I have to say, it wasn't as good as "Let's Go To The Mall." It was funny, but just not as funny. It was totally saved, however, by the anticipation of an imminent Robin-Barney kiss. After they watch the video for the first time, Voice Over Ted (that would be Bob Saget) says, "And so they watched it again..." (more video and shot of Robin and Barney just a little bit closer) "and again... (same as before)... and again... (ditto)... They watched it over and over that night, until finally, they stopped watching." And started making out. And I started squealing. YAY BARNEY AND ROBIN!! And what's so great about this show is that this isn't just something the writers decided to do in a whim, this has been coming since "Zip Zip Zip" in season 1. I CAN'T WAIT for next week!

Here's the link for the full Sandcastles in the Sand video from CBS: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/how_i_met_your_mother/video/video.php?cid=544192181&pid=x8TaiB0brM9zUzzEmjCViTboeWCZeedI&play=true&cc=3
And a link for a lovely picture of Barney and Robin (don't know who posted this, but it's awesome): http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/2770/barneyrobinkg9.jpg


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