House Is Back!

New episode! A man is too nice and House doesn't like it. Meanwhile, his servants (err, his employees) find a vile of what they think is his blood (it isn't. House is evil like that.) and diagnose him with Syphilis. Chase thinks Cameron slept with House (wow they actually gave Chase and Cameron a scene together. That hasn't happened in months. Even though they're, like, dating.) and House and Amber (also known as Cut-Throat-Bitch) devise a plan to share Wilson, which Cuddy oversees. Fun times at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital...

So, as an episode, I give it a B+. Plus points for somewhat including Chase and Cameron, minus points for me not understanding the medicine even more than usual. Niceness as a symptom is an interesting concept, but it so was not explained clearly at all. Oh, and there was no clinic case. Plus, Foreman was all brooding and moody and superior, which is his basic personality, but is still very annoying.
I now like two of the three new Servants, 13 and Kuttner. Taub is just annoying. And he's old. And kinda ugly. He's like Foreman Jr. Although I'm pretty sure that Taub is older than Foreman. And Foreman isn't ugly. But anyways, I like 13 much better than I ever liked Cameron (I know they're nothing alike, but they're both the only girls on the Servant Squad, so they are going to get compared). Cameron was all self-righteous and sensitive, which completely plays into female stereotypes. And it might have been ok if she hadn't been so gosh darn unprofessional sometimes. Let's kiss House to get his blood. And do illegal things just because we believe it's the Right Thing To Do, even when it's not. Girl, I wanted to like you but sometimes you made it so hard. 13, on the other hand, is kind of a bad-ass. She's mysterious. She stands up to her co-workers without getting all emotional. She's not in love with House. She's like the anti-Cameron. And Chase. He was nice to look at, but he could be kind of a whiny brat. Kuttner's cool and he does crazy things like shocking people back to life even when they're soaking wet, which results in him being electrocuted. Plus he's played by the guy who played Kumar in the Harold and Kumar movies, so we know he's funny. So Taub and Foreman should just go off and being annoying together, and House and 13 and Kuttner should solve cases. And the show should figure out how (and if) they plan on using Chase and Cameron. And Cuddy should have more screen time, especially with House. And then it would be perfect. Hee. But I'm not kidding. One of the things that made me not want to watch the show initially was that House's team (Servant Squad) didn't seem to be a team. The chemistry just wasn't there. But now I've kind of gotten over it because I like the new kids (minus Old Ugly Guy) and House himself is just so much fun to watch.

Next week: House tries to save the life of a soap opera star. Or something. Promo:


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