Oh dear, I will have quite a dilemma come next Monday. Because Bones is good again. Which makes me very happy. But it means that I will have to choose between two of my favorite shows, both of which are great right now. Mom, I know you are reading this: WE NEED TIVO!

Anyways, I'll deal with next week next week. Right now I'll deal with last night. First up: How I Met Your Mother. The Goat. Ted's 30th birthday. That damn goat.
I thought last night's episode was great. It started off very funny, then got serious, but the serious scenes were very well done. And then it ended with another one of those HIMYM-mess-with-your-head-time-line-screwy-things that I love so much. But first: the Robin/Barney (also known as BRo) aftermath. You may recall that last week's episode ended with Robin and Barney hooking up. Which: YAY! This week's episode started with Barney and Robin in bed, being awkward. It's very funny and their little exchange ends with Barney: Hey Robin? Robin: Yes, Barney? Barney: Guess who nailed the chick from Metro News One last night? (puts hand up for high-five) (Robin reluctantly high-fives Barney) Credits. I sing and dance along every time.
The rest of the episode deals with Ted finding out, Ted not being mad at Robin, but later telling Barney he doesn't want to be friends anyone (which is harsh, but I get it). There are also some very funny Barney/Marshal scenes where Barney hires Marshall to be his lawyer. (Marhsall: No Barney, I won't be your butler. Barney: No, I need a lawyer. I can pay you. Marshall: How much? Barney: A little. Marshall: I'll take it.) In Barney's office, Barney is telling Marshall how stressed out he is, which has caused him to buy a lot of things from Sky Mall, including a Hot Dog Toaster. He offers Marshall a hot dog. Marshall accepts. Then Marshal says he doesn't want to know his secret, because Barney's company does evil things, so he puts his hands over his ears, but Barney throws him what looks like a bowling ball (why Barney has a bowling ball around, I have no idea), forcing Marshall to take his hands away from his ears and catch it. Barney: I slept with Robin. Hot Dog Toaster: Ding! Me: Laughed for like five minutes.
Other humorous parts of this episode include Barney explaining the origin of the Bro Code (though I must admit, it took me a really long time to et the Me, D.C. joke), Lily wanting to know what sex with Barney was like, and the evil music every time the goat was shown. Which brings us to possibly the most significant revelation of the episode.
So FutureTed has pretty much the entire episode not telling us what's up with the goat in the bathroom. So when it comes time for the tag (after Ted and Barney's big limo fight/friend-breakup (which featured Ranjit (Ranjit!))), I'm figuring that we're finally going to hear the famous goat story. FutureTed: Oh right, the goat. So it started chewing one of Robin's washcloths... oh wait, Robin wasn't living there on my 30th birthday. That was my 31st birthday. Cut to black. Me: WHAT?? Man, if I was his kids, I would totally be throwing food at him by now. Or I would have left to go ride my spacejet (this is 2030, so I'm assuming I have a spacejet. I'd better have a spacejet...)
So Robin's living in the apartment this time next year. But Ted may not be. I'm guessing that Lily and Marshall will have finally moved into the Dowistrepla apartment, and if Stella is indeed the mother, Ted will have moved in with her (she has a kid, so it makes sense that Ted would do the moving and not the other way around). The gang, not wanting to loose the apartment above McLaren's, will have convinced Robin to move in there. Or maybe something will happen to her current apartment, forcing her to move. So it doesn't mean that Ted and Robin will be back together (please no). But it might mean that Barney and Robin don't happen, at least not for a year, or if they do, they're not serious (at least not serious enough to move in together, because there is no way Barney will want to leave the Fortess of Barnitude). But the writers are smart, so I'm sure they'll figure this whole thing out. At least, they better. The payoff for waiting THREE YEARS for the goat story better be good. And they better not forget about the mysterious woman sabotaging Barney from The Bracket episode either... Oh writers, I hope you know what you're doing...

Next week: Stella's back! (finally...) and Barney gets a new bro (to be played by Will Forte of SNL (SNL!)) to replace Ted


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