So I watched it. All two and a half frickin hours of it (well except for like 5 minutes when I went upstairs to say hi to my grandma. But other than that...) I'm not going to bother doing a step-by-step recap of the whole thing, because it was wayyyyy too long. Instead, I will give an overview (yay overviews).

So. The basic set-up is that the parts of I.G.B. that has all the celebs onstage were filmed saturday and the parts with the top 12 (yes, some of the cast-offs were back) answering phones on the idol stage were live. The pre-filmed segment also included short films of various celebs going to various malaria/aids stricken countries in africa or various poor neighborhoods in the us and acting all sensitive and crying a lot. Daughtry even sang a song. actually, all Daughtry did was sing a song.
The worst video had to be the Miley Cyrus and famous dad who's really only famous again because of his 15 year old daughter going to kentucky and pretending to care about poor people. Miley and F.D.W.R.O.F.A.B.O.H.15.Y.O.D. just didn't seen that genuine. I thought the Manning bros vid about going to New Orleans was alright, but mostly because it had "Fix You" by Coldplay in the background, and I love that song. Now I'm not heartless, some of the videos made me shed a tear or two, but over all, I wasn't a fan of the concept. While it's great that these videos are showing some of the horrible conditions that many people are oblivious to, sometimes I got the feeling that the people been filmed (that's the real people, not the celeb people) were greatful for the help, but uncomfortable being in front of the cameras.
Speaking of Miley Cyrus (well I was a couple of sentences ago), AGGGG! she's like kriptonite! everything she touches turns to awful-ness. Her intro with Billy Cryastal: awkward, obviously stagged (yes, yes, I know, all the intros are stagged, but you're supposed to act like they aren't. oh that's right, Miley Cyrus can't act. Nor can she sing, although she did, TWICE.) Although, I would have to say the saddest thing about the intro was that she got way louder applause than billy crystal. IT'S BILLY CRYSTAL!! COME ON! In what universe is Miley Cyrus better than Billy Crystal??? Oh right, it's American Idol... people who pay all that money to watch celebs suck up to America and beg for money obviously have no taste.
Also tacky (but kind of hilarious) was that hat that Brad Pitt was wearing. Dude, guys don't have to have good fashion sense, even in Hollywood. If you don't have it, don't force it. or maybe he's going gray. or bald. you heard it here first- Brad Pitt is going bald!
The best part of the night though, hands down, was Robin Williams. (and here I thought he wasn't funny anymore. Nope, turns out he just can't pick good projects.) But yeah, he was hilarious. The gag was that he was the new "Russian Idol," and he was performing. He had a funny little bit with Ryan before he "sang." (first and last time the phrase "funny little bit with ryan" will be uttered) then the judges were also making fun of themselves like haha we're so funny. They weren't. But Robin Williams was! The best part was when he made fun of Simon. I love it when people make fun of Simon! (except for Ryan, but that's because he's not funny.)
also making fun of Simon (yay for segues) was Jimmy Kimmel. He mocked Simon's tight shirts and said that it wasn't Paula's fault that she's always crying on the show, Simon's nipples poke her in the eyes. Paula: It's true. I think she was trying to be funny. Props for the effort there, P. Jimmy kept on going, saying something about the Olsen twins as man-boobs underneath Simon's shirt. Say it with me now, whaaaaaat??? But jimmy was generally pretty funny.
More funny than Ben Stiller anyways, who started off ok talking about raising a googillion dollars or something like that and then taking a sharp turn south when he talked about American Idol being a place that convinces crazy people that they can sing and belong on tv. Stupid stupid stupid- the people in the audience actually believe that the idols are sane and can sing. Sorry man, you offended them. Which is why you got no laughs. It also wasn't funny. That was probably a contributing factor. Stiller came back at the end of the show, doing the whole empty stage why is no one here thing and cursing Seacrest. Um, ok.
Oh, I almost forgot- the whole teri hatcher singing Carrie Underwood's song thing. What happened was Teri Hatcher sang Carrie Underwood's song. Why didn't they have Carrie Underwood sing Carrie Underwood's song? They had her sing some other song (maybe it was hers, I honestly don't know anything about Carrie Underwood. Except for that her song, "Before He Cheats," is pretty kick-ass. And she sings it way better than Teri Hatcher did.) But that's not the good part. The good part was that right before Teri Hatcher started singing, they announced that "Band from TV" was backing her up. I was like hmm, that sounds familiar. And then I look onstage and there's Chase! From House! CHASE!!! Then i remembered that "Band from TV" is, literally, a band made up of people from TV who donate their proceeds to charity. I only recognized chase (that would be Jesse Spencer, but i honestly didn't think of his real name once while he was performing) and that cop from Heroes on drums (Greg Grunberg, or something like that. I'm too lazy to look it up...) But Chase! He was playing violin! And looking mad sexy, I must add. Now he's a total pretty boy. And normally, I don't like pretty boys. Especially blond pretty boys. But seeing Chase out of his doctor duds and in some real-people clothes while playing violin was just awesome.

Ok, I should probably mention the idol-wannabes at some point. They opened the show (the not-live part) with a big song and dance number. Eh. I did get really excited, though, when later in the night, (I think it was at the idol studio, so it was live) Ryan announced that they were singing "Seasons of Love" from Rent. Then I got slightly less excited when the idol-wannabes started singing. I instantly had even more respect for the actors of Rent- you have to have really strong voices to pull off the song. And our idol-wannabes, as we all know, don't. But they sounded ten times better when they were joined by a choir. I did cringe, though, when Kristy Lee Cook started the solo. Now the solo is normally sung by two people, a guy and a girl. But idol split it up into 8 parts. But why oh why did they have KLC start it? The only person who sounded really good was David Arculeta (although he did mess up a lyric). Back on my good side, David. Other David: you need a solid performance next week. I'm kind of mad at you because the chorus to your stupid song (the "We are all innocent" part) was stuck in my head this morning. The idol-wannabes sang another cheesy number to close the show (I think it was live too). They were all dressed in white. I was really distracted, though, by the weird shorts they put Syesha in. Really, shorts? KLC got a nice pretty dress. Whatever. Then host-boy announced that tonight's show will have Jordin Sparks (last season's winner) and Chris Brown. Whatever, I'll be watching The Office.


Johnny said...

yup thats why i have no magical window washers and like stuff so thats why I yeah.. but not in my pencil case is not where i keep the bread :( and umm well yeah harry potter is in my basement so yeah...

Lauren said...

I didn't see this, but the thing that they did during the actual show one week to show what the money went to last year was really sad...

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