JAM Shippers Rejoice- There's Going To Be A Proposal On The Office!

Now that was a good episode- it had the right combination of Micheal and Dwight, inclusion of the minor characters, awkward/crazy humor, and, oh yeah, Jim's going to propose (!!!!) I was so excited to have The Office actually back in the office that I wasn't thinking much about the episode itself before it started. Yes, I saw the promos of Jim and Pam holding hands, but I thought that maybe they would talk about moving in together or something and it was being over-hyped like last week. But oh, it was so much better than I ever could have hoped.

The episode opens with various characters complaining about the parking situation- it seems that construction crews have taken over their spaces and now they have to park in a satellite lot and walk. Jim and Pam say funny things. Andy complains about losing a penny from his loafer. Kevin weeps. Da da da da da da da da...

Micheal is obsessing over a chair model in an office supply catalog. Pam is trying to hurry him up because she gets his old chair. Creed wants to know if Micheal's picked a new chair because he gets Pam's old chair. "Then I'll have two chairs. One to go." Even though I have no idea why he wants three chairs, it's hilarious because Creed is a creepy old man and I love him for it.

Micheal wants everyone to write down the name of someone single. Kevin writes down Wendy ("a hot and juicy red-head") and gives him the number to a Wendy's restaurant. Hee. Dwight manages to actually find the chair model, but she's dead, so finally Pam just gives him the name of her landlady.

Andy and Kevin decide that enough is enough and plot to get their parking spaces back. They call the other four owners of Scranton Business Park together for a meeting. It's a success. Kevin has a few talking heads throughout this- one very funny, one kinda sad. But aw, I just love Kevin.

Meanwhile, Micheal's date goes horribly. Ever notice how he's so much funnier when Jan's not around and he can be his obnoxious self instead of someone we feel sorry for? Well, he was obnoxious and clueless to the extreme, to great comic effect. He comes back and yells at Pam about the pairing. Jim comes over: You're going to have to move. And thus begins one of the greatest Jim and Pam scenes ever. For everyone who was complaining about them being a tad boring earlier this season (and by everyone I mean me), this totally makes up for it.

After Jim tells Pam that she's going to have to move, Pam says that it's ok, she doesn't really like the place anyway. Jim asks who's going to take her in and proceeds to list the reasons why someone wouldn't. They're all really cute, and show how well he knows her (and how much time they've been spending at each other's places.) Pam: I'll just move in with my boyfriend, he's kind of a slob too. Jim: Ok, let's do it. Then Pam is like actually I'm not moving in with someone until I'm engaged. Jim: Have I not proposed to you yet? Let's pause while I squeal for joy. Pam's like, no you haven't, and I just love how they're talking about serious things but in a casual, joke-y tone. Jim's like, and I swear this was like the cutest line delivery ever, well, that's coming. Pam's like, ok, still kind of joking, now? Jim: not now, that would be rather lame. Have to agree with him there- please no public office proposal, writers. It can happen in the roof, just not in the office. Jim says that it's going to happen soon, and, "it's going to kick your ass, Beesly." YAY!!!!! Writers, I love you. Jim and Pam, I love you. Really, all is right with the world.

Except not for Micheal, who, according to Dwight needs some closure with a person who greatly affected his life. We cut to the two of them at the chair model's grave. It's not perfect Micheal and Dwight, but it's so nice to see them back together again.

In another impossible adorable Jim-Pam (JAM) scene, they are walking back to the satellite lot and talking about where they're going for dinner, when Jim gets down on one knee. "Pam, will you... wait for me while I tie my shoe?" Gottcha! Pam fake gets mad at Jim and they hold hands and practically skip away. I'm looking forward to more fake proposals- this is fun.

Tag: Dwight and Micheal singing American Pie and dancing on Chair Model's grave.
Annnnnd they're back. For real.

I have to say that I absolutely loved this episode. It wasn't the funniest The Office has been, but there were some great lines ("Oscar Mayer Weiner... Lover"). Also, the minor characters who were featured were really good. Most of all though, Jim and Pam. For everyone who said they would be boring once they got together, BOOYA. They are cute as ever and I have a feeling that the next few episodes will be JAM-centric. Can't wait!


Lauren said...

Hehe, I'm glad Dwight is back (sortof) because he's my favorite and wasn't so good in the last episode. I also thought Creed was sort of funny, but didn't get the joke. Anyways, concerning JAM, I feel like there's some tension building up because everyone knows the Jim has more feelings for Pam and is rushing things and you can tell she's just like "oh shit I hope he doesn't propose". If he does, they're over, so I hope he doesn't.

What was all of the hype between you and Claire and Lily. I WANT TO KNOW NOW!!!! hehehe

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