Ok, maybe not to die for, but pretty darn good. And I just have to say: Yay, this makes me so happy!
There's a rule when it comes to mystery shows: the more the characters care about the case, and the more they are personally involved in the case, the more we, as viewers care about the case. The best episodes of Bones or, say, Veronica Mars, are when the characters are personally invested in the mystery. (That's why season one of Veronica Mars was so brilliant. But I will get to that some other day...) So this week the characters cared a lot about the case, and the episode turned out really well.
No contrived Booth and Bones interactions (as much as I love Sweets, seeing an episode without couples counseling made me realize how not good of a plot device it is. They need to get Sweets in the lab doing physc profiles instead of analyzing booth and Brennan (we can do that ourselves!)) Cute, but not over the top, Angela and Hodgins interactions. Some Cam, but not too much. And Zach. I love Zach.
But the best thing about this episode was seeing Booth and Bones taking care of a baby. We got to see the fatherly side of Booth (and Daddy!Booth is just too cute) and we got to see Bones soften up a bit and connect with a baby. It was nice and sweet with out being sugary and sappy. The case was interesting, and it was important to the main characters. Some times the squints seem a little too disconnected from their work, but not this week. Yay Bones, keep it up! I swear, if next week's episode isn't good, I will be really mad. It's the start of Bones's dad's trial, and according to the promo, it's the squints (and Booth) against Bones. Caroline Julian, the prosecutor for the case, and the one who made Booth and Bones kiss under the mistletoe, is in this episode. So excited!!!

Promo for next week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LyRb_hwBlE


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