Oh Wait I Forgot...

...the other Jim scene (talking head, actually) and Scrubs. Whoops. Guess I was just too excited to remember basic things like a cute TH and a whole show.

So the Jim TH that I forgot: after Jim and Pam are talking about proposals and the like, there's a TH of Jim saying that he's not kidding (about the proposal). The he pulls a box out of his pocket and shows us the ring. Jim: Got it a week after we started dating. AWWWWW! My brother thought this was kind of sappy and pathetic and made fun of me for squealing, but I think it's just so adorable. I mean, they were already best friends, and they had been in love with each other for a long time before they started dating, anyways, so it's not creepy or weird. Jim knew he was going to marry her right from the get-go so he went out and bought a ring. And now I have to stop talking about this before I explode with happiness because it is all SO CUTE.

Scrubs. Was better last night than the week before. But still not as good as it used to be. JD and Turk deal with not feeling manly enough. It was kinda funny. I still can't believe JD is a father. Elliott is feeling bad about possibly getting Kelso removed as Chief of Medicine, but was told to keep it a secret. Carla, naturally, wants to know the secret. By the end of the episode, Carla and Elliott tell Kelso they're going to help him by convincing the Board of Directors to let him keep his job. The Janitor starts a newsletter and writes a fake story about Dr. Cox after Dr. Cox calls him stupid. As a result, people around the hospital start hugging Dr. Cox and telling him to let his real self show. The Janitor and Dr. Cox make up after Dr. Cox apologizes. The Todd, Doug, and Ted (love Ted) are in this episode. The theme was people wanting help but being afraid to ask for it.
Sorry if this whole recap sounded less than enthusiastic- Scrubs just isn't doing it for me these days. It used to be so funny, but now it's just... not. There were some funny bits (like the continuation of the Dr. Cox-JD hug gag and Turk to JD: Dude, we're a little married), but so many elements that made Scrubs great were missing. There was barley any Dr. Cox-JD interaction. No calling JD by girls names, no long rants. I just hope Scrubs gets some of its character back before ABC decides, sike, we're not taking it on for an 8th season.
There is supposed to be a Princess Bride homage episode coming up, and if they do as good of a job on that as they did on the Wizard of Oz episode ("My Way Home," season 5), I will officially declare my re-devotion to Scrubs. As you wish...


Lauren said...

I agree with Johnston on that one. CreepIE!

Would just like to say that the word verification letters always say the dumbest things yet always make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the Scrubs critique - just not as sharp. We need our Dr. Cox rants!

Sara said...

completely agree that the jim/pam scene where they joke about engagement was adorable -- one of the best ever.

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