Ryan's On Drugs, And The Golden Couple Manages to Piss Everyone Off

What a strange episode. And not in a good way. When will the writers learn that The Office is at its best when it actually takes place IN THE OFFICE? It just wasn't a very funny episode. In fact, the one time I remember really laughing was when my brother and I realized that Ryan was on coke, announced it to our parents (watching The Office is a family affair in our house) and kind of freaked my mom out because she wanted to know why we knew so much about cocaine. We're teenagers, Mom, we just know about these things. NOT THAT WE'RE ON CRACK. We just know about it. (Sorry, I had to make that very clear because my mom reads this blog. Hi Mom!)

Back to The Office, there were two storylines this week. Numero uno, Dwight and Micheal going clubbing with Ryan and his hobbit friend/dealer (No, I don't have anything against short people- Dwight was the one who called him a hobbit. And anyways, I'm short.) Ryan is clearly high (the ever-observant Dwight notices his frequent trips to the bathroom and diagnosis a bladder infection), and the finger-tapping and nose-twitching seem to indicate coke. The boys party all night and then the three DM employees crash at Ryan's place.
Back at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, Jim has the brilliant idea to have everyone work a few hours later on Friday so they don't have to come into work on Saturday. And I'm not being sarcastic, it was a good idea. The downside of the plan was that he forgot to tell the security guard that they were working late, and the parking lot gate is chained shut. They all engage in some awkward conversation, and then Jim calls the security guard to get them out. More awkwardness. Everyone is mad at Jim and Pam. Toby makes a joke, Pam laughs, Toby puts his had on Pam's knee and KEEPS IT THERE. Everyone stares. Then Toby makes an awkward (I know I've used that word like a zillion times in this post, but this was a really awkward episode) speech about moving to Costa Rica and then runs outside and jumps the fence. Hm. Finally, the cleaning crew arrives and lets the DM employees out.
Tag: the security guard finally arrives and everyone is gone. S.G.: Son of a bitch!

I didn't really like this episode for a couple of reasons. One, I wanted more fake proposals. If this episode had been nothing but fake proposals, I would have been happy. But I guess they're saving that for later... Two, Ryan's drug problem. It just seems kind of sad and too serious for The Office. I know they want to give Ryan a story, but eh. Three, I didn't buy the locked in thing. Why wouldn't Phyllis call her husband, the head of the "Five Families" of the Scranton Business Park? Why would the security guard lock up when there were still all those cars in the parking lot and lights on in the DM suite? Come on show, last week was so good! Maybe B.J. Novak (Ryan, and the writer of last week's episode) should write all of the episodes...

There were some things I did like, though...
-The cold open: Micheal gets gum in his hair, and Dwight massages peanut butter into it. It has nothing to do with the rest of the plot, but it was funny.
-Kelly's "How dare you?" when Ryan asks if she has a question.
-Creed knew the security guard's name was Hank and no one else did. Creed would know the security guard by name.
-Pam's TH about Dwight's explanation for having both the master and spare keys. Pam: Dwight, what if you die? Dwight: If I'm dead, you've all been dead for weeks.

Next week, there better be more proposals (fake or otherwise)!


Anonymous said...

I agree - get back to the office, and during normal biz hours!!

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