Sucks To Be You, Stacy-Ann- Next Week The Girls Will Be In Rome!

Top Model! I have been watching ANTM (that's America's Next Top Model for all you guys out there) for a couple of years now, and normally about this time I give up and stop watching until the season finale. Maybe it's because I'm bored and there's nothing else on, but this year i'm watching it all the way through.
The Rundown:
Girls Left In The House: 7 (this is before elimination)
-Anya- Hawaiian chick. Funny voice. Good pictures. No conflicts. Looks like alien. My pick to win.
-Dominique- Has a tendency to look like a man. Hair is weird when it's not styled for photo shoots. Kind of mean, but has been taking pretty pictures recently. Refers to herself in the third person.
-Fatima- Don't trust her- she is very good at backhanded insults. Takes good pictures. Missed the last shoot to get her travel documents, but Tyra let her stay.
-Katarzyna- Tyra cannot pronounce her name. Has been pretty quiet so far (she and Anya are like Switzerland- always neutral). Takes good pictures. Haven't seen much of her personality.
-Lauren- Self-described "punk-rock" girl with a potty mouth. Takes great pictures, but really awkward in person. Has a temper. Cut part of her thumb off this week.
-Stacy-Ann- Crazy, hyper, and friendly. Takes ok pictures. Sent home this week.
-Whitney- The Plus-size girl. I only put that first because she won't stop talking about how hard it is for her to not be really skinny and how she has to work twice as hard and that may be true, but cry me a river. You're on TOP MODEL, of course it's going to be more difficult if you aren't borderline anorexic. That being said, she has a good personality and her pictures have been steadily improving.
This Week's Photo Shoot: On a tarmac (the place where the planes land), running to catch an airplane
This Week's Challenge: Socialize and make good impressions at a party
Challenge Winner: Anya
Called First: Anya
Bottom Two: Fatima (for missing the shoot) and Stacy-Ann (for failing to impress both at the party and during the shoot)
Sent Home: Stacy-Ann
Next Week: The ladies go to Rome! Fatima gets sick! Drama ensues!


Claire said...

Maddy I dont watch this show any more so thanks for writing such intertaining recaps.
I luff you girl!!!

Lauren said...

Man. Lauren isn't awkward, she was okay at the party. Plus, everyone hates her now because they just keep playing that clip of her screaming, but if I lived with all of those girls, I would too.
Anyways, awesome ReView!?!?

Lauren said...


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