Hello out there. since there is a large possibility that no one will read this for a while (i don't plan on telling people that I got a blog- my first blog aww yay- until there's actually something to read, it kind of feels like I am writing this just to myself, even though any internet stalker could read this. (as a side note, hello all you internet stalkers! my mother has instilled in me the belief that nothing online is private, so I don't plan on divulging any personal information. i'm very sorry, find someone else to stalk...)
mmk, welcome to my mind... i am 15 years old and have cfs (chronic fatigue syndrome). (oh crap i think that may count as personal information) now i really hate the fact that the cfs is the second thing i used when describing myself (as opposed to hi, i'm 15 years old and i play field hockey (don't hate- field hockey is way hard core, despite what television has lead you to believe. seriously, whenever people need an insult, it's "does the field hockey team know you're missing?" -scrubs or "why don't you go and play field hockey, or whatever it is you kids do after school?" -other show whose name i am forgetting right now. plus they played field hockey on gossip girl. which, frankly, is an insult to the sport. and they weren't even wearing mouth guards, which is way unsafe you guys.)) ok. so, as you might have already figured out (smarty that you are, the one person who is reading this), i use parenthesis a lot. i also often go off on tangents that often make no sense. i used the word often twice in that sentence. i should change it. eh, i don't feel like it. anyhoo, bear with me here, this is the first time i've done this (blogged, i mean. not written .) but i felt like i should share the cfs thing because it explains why i am home for most of the day and why i have so much time on my hands to watch tv.
so---- tv. i have watched quite a bit of it. so much so, that i automatically analyze and review it in my head. i think about the dialog, the plot, the acting. i think about character arcs and continuity and comedic timing. i closely followed the writer's strike (and by the way, way to have a writer's strike right when i needed tv the most. thanks guys. thankssomuch.) i know so much about this stuff so much that ms. taylor should totally give me an honorary A in the media class that i was supposed to take this year. i also feel kind of pathetic because i now know pop culture like nobody's business, but i feel like my brain is slightly rusty and mushy in other areas. (ah! i'm turning into a vegetable!) ok so getting back on track, my tv and i have become really good buddies this year. but i should back up (i feel like a narrator-- "but we're getting a head of ourselves here hahaha" ehhhh). let's start at the beginning. a brief history of me and tv: (is it sad that i feel bad about using improper grammar there? but it rhymes, and rhyming is priceless) from age 0 to age 13- no tv. at all. really, the only tv i ever watched was the thanksgiving day parade. i was allowed to watch movies on friday and saturday nights, and that was it. then, last year, i got addicted to veronica mars. my friend livie told me it was amazing, so i got the first disc of season one from netflix, and the rest is history... (as an aside, i love netflix. don't you? anyone who doesn't love netlflix should be tarred and feathered. just kidding. wow, i came off as really unstable there. but i'm not crazy. promise! ah, all this tv has addled my brain...) ok, veronica mars. so, my whole family got addicted. so my parents allowed tv on tuesdays at 9, provided homework was done. then the same thing happened a little later with the office, and similar rules were put into place. but that was it. this year, we were only going to be allowed to watch the office (as v.m. was CANCELED. i'm a little mad about that, if you can't tell.) then i got sick. at first we thought it was just a virus, and then we went to see a million doctors and got a million tests (i now tell the nurse who's drawing my blood which vein in my arm to use, i've had blood taken so many times), and 10 zillion years later, i got my diagnosis. i'm not going to go through that whole process (despite a few crazy, off-their-rocker doctors, the story is generally boring. and it's long. and slightly depressing), but, as luck would have it, the first week i was sick was also the first week of the fall tv season. and as i got sicker and sicker (or at least stayed sick), i slowly got addicted to a whole bunch of shows. ALSO (i felt like i needed a dramatic transition there. which i just ruined.), because i was home all day with nothing to do, i started watching tv shows by the dvd box sets, one right after another for hours on end. i discovered some great new shows (how i met your mother, bones) and also watched entire series that i didn't even like all that much (the oc, for one). i think my most impressive accomplishment is watching all 10 seasons of friends in about 2 weeks. so, needless to say, i've seen a lot of tv. old tv, new tv, good tv, bad tv, dramas, comedies, reality... you get the picture.

i've decided to sort of review slash criticize slash worship a few tv shows on this blog. just for the heck of it. also because i'm really bored. hopefully it will be fun, entertaining, and i could really use a third adjective but my brain isn't working right now.

since this has been a reallllly long post, i'll sign off for the day, but sometime soon (read: tomorrow or the next day), i'll start reviewing slash criticizing slash worshiping tv.

and scene.


neva said...

Wow, this is quite interesting. I can't wait to read more of your blogs. I really like your writing style -- you have a great vocabulary.

Tough Chicken Lips said...

OMG I LOVE VERONICA MARS!!! Keep it up! BTW I don't even know you but this is a great blog!

Lauren said...

aww Maddy this blog is awesome. you've got som much personality in your writing for one and for two I just saw those few episodes of the office and will start reading it!! I'll plug yo blog FO SHO!!!

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