What To Watch Tonight (4/21)

If you're in the mood for comedy or you're nostalgic for the '80s, watch "How I Met Your Mother," at 8:30 on CBS. There's going to be a new Robin Sparkles video spoofing '80s break-up ballads. Appearing in the video are 80s icons Tiffany and Alan Thicke. (I'm taking the word of CBS that they are "'80s icons" because, hey, i wasn't alive in the '8os.) James Van Der Beek plays Robin's ex-boyfriend in the video and also guest stars on the show.

Also in the comedy category is "The Big Bang Theory," at 8 on CBS. According to CBS.com, "The guys kick Sheldon off the Physics Bowl team and enlist his nemesis. Sara Gilbert guest stars."

If you want drama and mystery, watch "Bones" at 8 on Fox. Airing is the infamous "Player Under Pressure" episode that was pulled last year after the Virginia Tech tragedy. From what I've read, this episode has not be edited to fit in with the season 3 story line and is considered part of season 2. If that's true, keep in mind that this was before Angela and Hodgins got engaged.

If you feel like watching a watered-down version of The O.C., "Gossip Girl" is back from hiatus at 8 on the CW. Blair comes back to school, Jenny continues her take-over and I really couldn't care less. More interesting than the show itself are the "OMFG" ads that have been airing for the show- basically a sex montage.

If you like soap opera-y drama, there's a new "One Tree Hill" at 9 on the CW. It appears that Nathan is going to try basketball for the first time since his injury. Dun nuh nuhhhhhh...
I must admit, though, for all of my misgivings about the show, it's been pretty good this season. Skipping ahead 4 years was a smart idea.

On NBC and ABC, stupid reality crap. (yes I know I watch American Idol, but it's more entertaining than "pick a briefcase and try to win money" and "old, washed-up, used-to-bes and wannabes attempting to dance.")

I'll be watching: The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and One Tree Hill. I'll watch Bones online tomorrow. Happy Monday!


Tex said...

Hay gurl! Love the blog and the idea. Will keep reading. Also will watch gossip girl. You can't stop our love!

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