What To Watch Tonight

Happy Thursday! Lots of good stuff on TV tonight....

Thursday is comedy night on NBC and the lineup is as follows: My Name Is Earl at 8, Scrubs at 8:30, The Office (THE OFFICE) at 9 --> Dwight and Micheal are going clubbing with Ryan in NYC (!!), and 30 Rock at 9:30 --> Will Arnett (GOB from Arrested Development) is guest starring (I LOVE WILL ARNETT)

On ABC: Ugly Betty is back from hiatus at 8. I don't usually watch Ugly Betty, but OMG, Marc and Amanda are hilarious. If you're lame and like lame shows like Grey's Anatomy, it's new tonight at 9. Laaaaaaaaame. If you're my brother or another one of the millions of Lost fans out there, it's back tonight at 10 on ABC. I'm guessing that something really dramatic will happen. Just a guess.

On Fox and and CBS, reality crap.



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