What To Watch Tonight


On CBS, the shows are all new. Ghost Whisper at 8 (never watched this show, but I think it involves ghosts...) and Moonlight at 9 (I've watched this show a couple of times, mostly because Jason Dohring of Veronica Mars is in it, and it's pretty good. This week, Mick the vampire found a (probably temporary) cure, so he's human tonight, and with Beth's boyfriend dead...) Numbers is on at 10, and despite being a show about using math to solve crimes, well, it's pretty cool. Even the math stuff. Plus it has that guy from Northern Exposure. And that guy from "10 Things I Hate About You."

Fox is showing "13 Going on 30" from 8 to 10, the Jennifer Garner chic-flick about a 13-year-old from the 80s who wakes up 30 in the 2000s. I've seen it. It's kinda cute.



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