Laaaaaaame. Carly finally does a good job, only to go home the next night. That's BS. And Brooke wasn't even in the bottom two (apperently there is no more bottom three- it's the bottom two from here on out). Syesha was the other contestant in the bottom two, and she also did a great job, while Jason, the other one who tanked, was safe. Aggg. This show makes me frustrated.

It was a boring results show (aren't they all?). Some lame singer that Simon discovered sang some lame song. There was a "special message from the president and first lady." You think being on Idol will help your 28% approval rating? Suckers... And then some dumb music video. I'm sorry, I'm kind of bitter about this whole Carly thing. Not that it really matters who goes home before the finale, because we all know it's going to be the two Davids, but I would much rather have another few weeks of hearing Carly sing than that evil Brooke. Evil. Come on, she messed up the lyrics and her performance was terrible. Why do people keep voting for her???? Stupid Americans. Really guys, this makes me mad. I know Carly hasn't been great for most of the season, but she was awesome on Tuesday. And it was really sad, she had no idea she was going home. She said, and I quote, "I'm just going to have fun from now on." Brooke, I hate you. Really and truly hate you.

I think American Idol has damaged my soul.


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