Yay, Scrubs Is Good Again!

Oh, this makes me so happy! It wasn't an extraordinary episode, but it was classic Scrubs.
We got a Dr. Cox rant, Ted (streaking, of all things), Jordan, the Janitor in small but funny doses, JD and Turk being pals, Elliott and Carla being pals, Dr. Cox harassing Elliott and JD (he called JD Hermione. Hee.), a few funny but not too over-the-top fantasies, a semi-interesting medical case, and old people roaming around the hospital in every scene (it was a running gag in this episode).

SO. Dr. Cox has a patient he hasn't been able to diagnose for years. Coxie gives JD the patient's urine sample to take to the lab. JD promptly looses it. But by accidentally leaving the patient's urine sample out in the sun, where it turns purple (cool! purple pee!), JD and Turk figure out what's wrong with him. The patient is happy to finally have a diagnosis. (This week's theme is about the fear of the unknown.)

Since Elliott revealed Kelso's age, he is being forced to retire, but Elliott and Carla plan to save him. While they are doing that, Kelso forced an intern to listen to him reminisce about his time at Sacred Heart. At the end of the episode, everyone rallies around Kelso (including Dr. Cox, because he knows how to deal with Kelso, fear of the unknown theme plays in here), who is able to keep his job. Kelso, however, just wanted to leave on his own terms and proceeds to quit. It's actually kind of sad. And also kind of funny. Bittersweet, there's the word. Ya know, Scrubs, despite being a comedy, can pack an emotional punch some times. This wasn't nearly as sad as "My Lunch" (I actually cried during that), but I'm sure going to miss Kelso. I hope he isn't gone for good, and shows up from time to time to annoy Dr. Cox.


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