And It's The Two Davids in the Finale: So Long, Syesha

No surprise there, Syesha was eliminated. Before the elimination, (and I must say she was very graceful. And she got a big hug from David Cook. So it wasn't that bad.) we were shown footage of the final three going home to parades, screaming fans, etc. They all cried and were greatful. One fan actually broke down in tears for David Cook. Yeah, ok, I like David Cook, but crying over seeing him? Geez. It's not like he's the Beatles or anything.

Last night was so boring and predictable and sappy that I'm not going to recap it. I do have to mention one amazing thing that happened last night, though:
Simon's horrified reaction to season 4 winner Fantasia's performance. Normally the judges are respectful of past contestants who perform on the show, but Simon just looked dumbfounded. Best three seconds of the night, hands down. Look:


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