So it wasn't the best season finale ever. But it was pretty darn good.
Quick recap: Ted breaks up with Stella but she doesn't know it. Ted gets into a car accident. Robin, Lily, and Marshall are summoned to the hospital. Lily calls Barney, who starts running to the hospital. Stella comes. She and Ted make up from their fight. Ted thinks they are back together. Stella comes out of the room, and finds out that Ted thought that they broke up. She goes back into Ted's room and they break up for real. Ted is bummed, but can't leave until his tests come back. Ted says when he got hit by the car, his life flashed before his eyes, but only the things (and people) he loves. We see Marshall, Barney, Lily, Robin, and Stella and a bunch of other flashbacks. Barney, on his way to the hospital, gets hit by a bus. He's in a full body cast. Ted and Barney make up (their Bro-lationship had come to an end after Barney broke the bro code by sleeping with Robin). Marshall tries to convince Robin to believe in miracles. Marshall and Lily ask Barney if his life flashed before his eyes, like Ted's had. Lily and Marshall talk about what Barney would see: "Boobs. Suits. Money. A boob in a suit made of money..." Barney instead looks at Robin, and the camera zooms in on her. You guys, Barney loves Robin! Marshall's like, "That's pretty much all you love, right?" Barney finally stops gazing at Robin. Barney: "Pretty much." Meanwhile, Ted has gotten out of the hospital and finds Stella at an arcade. And proposes. Cut to black.
Omg you guys, is Stella the mother? Will Barney make his feelings for Robin known? Does Robin reciprocate his feelings? What's going to happen with Robin living in Ted's apartment? Find out in season four, because "HIMYM" got renewed, bitches!

P.S. This is hilarious. I completely missed it the first time around. How much do I love this show? So, so much.

And here is the clip of Barney looking at Robin. (It's the second clip.) Best part of the episode, hands down. BRo (or Robarn) forever!


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