Bones Brings It In Full Force During The Trial of Brennan's Father

So I chose to watch "Bones" instead of "How I Met Your Mother" last night, and I'm really glad that I did. Not because HIMYM was bad, but because Bones was so SO good. It was one of those episodes that you want to watch over and over again (and in fact, as soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to do just that.)

Why I Loved It:
1. Booth and Bones. We're back to the understated, but still there sexual tension, but best of all, this episode showed us how close they are. It's obvious that they really care about each other. Booth giving Bones advice on the trial, Bones talking to Booth about her feelings about her dad potentially going to jail, Booth and Bones ganging up (in a nice way) on Sweets, and the "That's a lot of heart, Bones" from Booth on the witness stand. Booth coming out of the courtroom, and going straight to hug Bones. And when Bones was hugging her dad, she and Booth still had that intense eye contact going on. Squeeeee!! Oh, and one last thing-- I thought David Boreanaz was fantastic in this episode. I always like Emily Deschanel, but sometimes I feel like DB gets a little too cocky. But last night, his performance, especially when he was testifying about Bones, was spot on.

2. Solid performances from the supporting cast. In addition to the leads doing a great job, the rest of the cast was in top form last night as well. Loren Dean, who plays Russ, did an excellent job in this episode. I never realized what a good actor he was until he was up on that witness stand, trapped between telling the truth and implicating his father. I also loved the rivalry between Zach and Clark. I liked how Zach didn't know everything, and how he made a mistake. ("Where did he learn the trick with the red dye? I don't know that trick!") I liked that Angela refused to testify, and I thought her and Brennan's scene together was really well done. They always refer to each other as their best friend, but we don't always get to see that dynamic at work. In this episode, it was clear that they are really close, despite being such different people. I also thought Ryan O'Neal was good as Max Kennan and I always love Caroline Julian. The scene were she was instructing the team on how to behave/talk/dress in court was hilarious. I love that Sweets still talks like a kid. He is the most adorable man-child ever.

3. The plot. This was an interesting episode, because there was no mystery-of-the-week (or even mystery-of-the-season). I thought the writers did a great job creating suspense in this episode-- for most of the episode, it appeared that the verdict could go either way. The pace of the episode was good-- for an episode that essentially took place in a courtroom, everything seemed to move along at a good clip. The scenes in between the courtroom action were also well done-- not only did they serve to break up the courtroom drama, they advanced the plot and showed interesting sides of character dynamics (I'm thinking specifically of Bones talking about how before she thought her dad should go to jail because he's guilty, but then she realized she wanted him free. She was confused about that, and she and Booth had a really good conversation.) When the verdict finally did come through, it seemed realistic and earned, not something we saw coming from the start. And I'm glad they let Max free-- I hope we see more of Bones interacting with her family as the show goes on.

One minor nitpick-- once again, there was no acknowledgment of the Angela and Hodgins relationship. They didn't have to do much, just a second of meaningful eye contact when Angela was being taken away to jail that made it clear that Hodgins understood what Angela was doing and why she was doing it. I know that, because this was Bones's dad's trial, they wanted to concentrate on the Brennan/Angela dynamic, and I appreciated that, but a subtle sign of their connection would have been nice. I know that people don't care about Angela and Hodgins nearly as much as they care about Booth and Bones, but I really like Angela and Hodgins. Remember their first date? Was that not one of the cutest things ever?

So overall good acting, good character development, good plot, and lots and lots of Booth and Bones. I give it an A+. We, the audience, cared a lot about this story because our main characters cared a lot about this story. And that is what made it a stellar episode. Yeah, Bones!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your take on the episode - yay, Bones!!

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