Booth Got Shot! And Brennan Killed His Shooter!: Lots Of Excitment Last Night On "Bones"

"Bones" scores for the second week in a row. This week wasn't quite as good as last week's murder trial, but it was a very good episode, and it got back to the regular "Bones" format. Although if there was any doubt, any doubt at all, that "Bones" and "American Idol" are on the same network, that doubt was squashed last night. Not only did they have two former contestants on the show last night (with Ace Young playing the murder victim), there were numerous "Idol" references, many of which seemed to be in the episode for the sole purpose of being able to include the scenes in the promo. But I digress. Even rife with "Idol" tie-ins, last night's episode was quite good. A compelling mystery, interesting suspects, a surprising conclusion. Perhaps even more interesting than the who-dunnit aspect of the mystery itself was the story line concerning the murder victim's former stalker, Pam, who turned her attention towards Booth over the course of the episode. She was a suspect, and Sweets (doing profiles instead of couples therapy, thank god), told Booth and Bones that she was dangerous. B&B brushed him off, but it ended up being true, as Pam shot Booth at the end of the episode. She was aiming for Bones, who was singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," (there was much singing in this episode, more than was probably necessary, but again, Fox and its "Idol" tie-ins...), while Booth was cheering her on, but Booth stepped in front of Bones and took Pam's bullet. So now Booth is down and Bones is frantically saying, "Come on, Booth" over and over (good acting on the part of Emily Deschanel, by the way). And then, when it looks like Pam is about to shoot Bones for real, Bones just pulls out her gun and kills her, like she's swatting a fly. Way to be badass, Bones.

Now, obviously Booth isn't going to die, but he will be in the hospital for at least part of next week's episode, when it looks like they are finally going to catch Gormagon. I've been reading theories about who it will be (since the "Bones" producers have said it will be one of their own), and I'm thinking Gormagon is Zack or maybe Russ. I really hope it's not either (although Russ would be a nice twist), but those are my guesses. It better not be Sweets.

Promo for next week here.


Anonymous said...

yeah, it was a good episode, although Bones should keep her day job, and not put too much stock in her mom's views of her singing. I like when Sweets does the profiling, adding insight to the shows. Hang on, Booth, and go, Bones!

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