Britney Needs To Stop Killing One Of My Favorite Shows

So first things first, "How I Met Your Mother" is officially renewed for its fourth season. WOOHOO!! That seems to be in at least part due to Britney Spear's guest appearances. So ok, thank you Britney for helping save the show, but wouldyoupleasegoawaynow? Yeahthanks. The first time Lady Spears was in a HIMYM episode, her part was small and harmless. This time, not so much. She and Barney were the B-story (the A-story going to Lily and Marshall), but she still managed to do damage. But let's be fair, it wasn't all her fault. For whatever reason, this episode didn't seem to flow the way they normally do. HIMYM is normally a very un-sitcom-y sitcom, with character arcs, and plots that actually develop and pay off, but this week did nothing to advance the plot. Barney (and Abby, Britney's "character" and I put character in quotation marks because it looks like Britney was just reading her lines off cue cards) hate Ted. We get it. They try to rub their "relationship" in Ted's face to make him feel bad. For the second week in a row, Barney isn't all that funny (And here I must inject: PUT BARNEY AND ROBIN TOGETHER. They don't even have to be "together" together, just give them a story-line. Funny and magic and chemistry happen when those two are in a scene together.) So Barney and Britney? Not working. Oh and it turns out that Britney was the mystery girl from the bracket, the one trying to ruin Barney's life. I don't know about you, but I was expecting a better payoff (and I was expecting it at a later date, but I guess that The Powers That Be changed it to insert Britney into the episode).
Lily and Marshall's story revolves around their debt and how they need money to fix the crooked floors in the Dowisetrepla apartment. So Marshall makes Lily sell her clothes (on, which is a real website.) Lily says the site should be called, which is also a website with a tie-in song. But Lily doesn't want to sell her clothes, so she endeavors to sell her paintings (which we know are not that good.) One stereotypical gay couple later and it becomes clear that no one likes her paintings. Except, as it turns out, dogs. Dogs dig Lily's paintings, so they sell some to a veterinarian and get the money they need (Show, why are you turning into a bad sitcom? Why???). Also very sitcom-y (and dangerously reminiscent of "Friends"'s Ross) is the C-story with Ted and his red cowboy boots. He thinks he can pull them off, the rest of the gang doesn't, but the gay couple do. It was slightly amusing. But only slightly.
"Everything Must Go" wasn't terrible, but I won't be watching it again (yes, I normally watch episodes at least twice. I'm a fan, so sue me...) Robin didn't really have a lot to do (but actually provided most of the few laughs of the episode), Britney was horrid, and Jason Segel needs to cut his hair. The tie-in websites redeemed it a little bit.
Next week: Season finale! Ted gets into a car accident. Marshall tries to convince Robin to believe in miracles (providing the title "Miracles"). Stella appears.


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