Bye Bye Brookie, We'll Miss You... Not At All

Oh happy day! Brooke is finally gone! And in an appropriate good-bye move, she does her famous stop and start move during the sing out. Except this time when she tries to start over, the music just keeps going so she has to jump in mid-sentence. And man, that girl can cry. She was sobbing through her entire sing out-- it was hard to watch. I almost felt bad for her. But not bad enough that I wasn't jumping up and down shouting, "She's gone! She's gone!"

I have to say, I normally have no love for the results shows, but last night wasn't bad. In addition to saying goodbye to Brooke, we got to listen to Simon reconnect with his first crush, who called in to find out which kiss was better, the one they shared when they were nine or his kiss with Paula. Simon just seemed so surprised and not evil ("She was my first kiss! My first crush!"), though he never actually answered her question. Oh and side note: anyone else now picturing Simon as a little kid? He was definitely the boy who pulled the girls' pig-tails.

It was also amusing to watch Ryan try to pick up the pieces from Paula's screw-up on Tuesday, the one where she was psychic and/or drunk and thought that Jason had sung twice when he had only sung once. Ah, live TV. Ryan simply said that the rumors weren't true. Which rumors, Ryan, which rumors? But that's all he gave as an explanation. And then he said that everyone loves Paula and she is part of the Idol family and blah blah blah. I don't love Paula. But I suppose I was not included in the group "We."

Later, Natasha Bedingfield performed her new "hit." I couldn't even pay attention to the song, though, because I was so distracted by 1) how big her teeth are, 2) the weird clothes she was wearing, and 3) how old she looked. According to Wikipedia (I use Wikipedia without a hint of shame), she's 26, but she looked about 10 years older. Oh and funny thing-- after Big Teeth was done with her song, she asked Ryan if she could go over and say hi to David. She went to hug Arculetta, but Cook stood up (I guess he thought she was talking about him) and then awkwardly sat down once he realized that she wanted Archie. Ha, saw that, Cook. But he got Brownie points later for looking genuinely concerned for Brooke and even patting her on the back during her melt down of a sing out.

Next week's theme is songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sweet-- Cook is going to kill. Oh and with regard to future eliminations, unless something crazy happens, Syesha should go next week, Jason the week after that, and then we'll have our knew-it-from-day-one David v. David finale.


LAUREN! said...

my parents told me this happened... YESSSS\

(My code says :pappwots!!!)

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