Dammit Archuleta!

I'm tired and I'm sick of "American Idol," so I'm going to make this short: David A. staged a massive comeback. I liked David Cook's songs better, but even I could see that Mini-David won the night. I want David C. to win because I want to see David A. upset (cry, Wittle Archie, cry), but if David C. doesn't win this it will probably be better for his career. Whatever, I hate this show. Sorry, I've gotten bitter and I'm so sick of Randy and even Simon was a wimp last night and Paula didn't do anything crazy and Ryan is a bitch. And the finale tonight is two hours and I'm going to watch the entire thing. I hate this show.

Update: Dial Idol is predicting David Cook as the winner. And it's not even close. What? I mean, yay, but what?


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