Ding Dong, the Bitch is Dead!

YES! DoMANique, Top Model's resident bitch/transvestite is gone. Gone! That means that next week's finale will be a showdown between Anya, who continues to spew butterflies and rainbows and does not appear to have a thought in her pretty little head, Whitney, who has gotten further in this competition than any other plus-size model to date, and Fatima, the other bitch who the judges turned on this week for the first time ever.

Challenge: Photographing Paulina Poriskova, "legendary supermodel" and ANTM judge.
Winner: Fatima, her first ever challenge win
Photoshoot: Being surprised by the paparazzi, shot by "noted fashion photographer" Nigel Barker, also a judge.
Critique: They all sucked. Anya lucked her way into a good shot, Fatima missed the point of the shoot (the judges later said she is not a good listener-- if they're turning on her now, she's not going to win next week.), Whitney was stiff (but did really well during the challenge), and Dominique looked like a hot tranny mess.
Bottom Two: Dominique and Fatima.
Sent Home: Dominique

Prediction for next week: It's going to be Anya or Whitney. The judges all of a sudden don't like Fatima, even though she's a good model, and that's not good this late in the competition. Whitney was in the bottom two twice in a row before this week, but she's gotten a lot better. Plus it's Cycle 10. Tyra knows that a plus-size girl needs to win already. Anya seems like the obvious choice-- she's won a lot of challenges, she's a great model, but Top Model has a long history of not picking girls who will actually be the best models.
So, this doesn't make sense, but I'm going to have to say Whitney. I think Anya will be out after the commercial (Fatima had a great commercial last time, and Tyra loved Whitney's, even though the rest of the judges thought she was fake), which will leave Fatima and Whitney to do the runway challenge. Whitney is no longer being edited as a bitch, but Fatima still is, and they're going to use the personality excuse to give her runner-up. That all being said, I really hope Anya wins. She's so nice-- I think this may be the first time when a contestant hasn't said anything flat out mean about any of the other girls. She was getting annoyed with Dominique, but she explained it in such a nice way that you completely sympathized with her, instead of thinking her a bitch, which is what happens when Fatima talks about the other girls. She's also the best model out of the bunch. She looks like a top model, she photographs like a top model, and I think that regardless of whether she wins, she has the potential to become a top model.
But I'd be happy with Whitney winning too.


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