"House"-- A-frikin-mazing

The best season finale on last night, hands down, was "House." What an amazing (and totally depressing episode). That might have been the best episode ever. If you haven't seen it, go watch it. Now.

Wow, I did not see that coming. I never thought that they would kill off Amber (as she is no longer a Cut-Throat Bitch, I will call her by her real name). I'm not going to recap the whole episode, but I want to share a few thoughts.

One, Robert Sean Leonard is the bomb. While there was solid acting all around in this episode, RSL takes the crown. His performance could have been over the top, melodramatic, but it wasn't. It was pitch- perfect. Well done, Wilson.

Two, I think the scene with Amber and House on the "heavenly" bus might just be my favorite scene ever from this show. It was touching without being sappy and out of character. "You can't always get what you want." "Get off the bus." *Sob*

Three, the ending montage was so heart-wrenching, and so powerful, but it also set up what should be a beast fifth season. We found out more about Kuttner's background (that wasn't in the montage, but I thought I'd mention it because it was interesting) and it was revealed that Thirteen (or Dr. Hadley) does in deed have Huntington's. It is a testament to this show that even with weak character development among the minor-major characters, I still reacted strongly to that news (I gasped Oh no...) But what this episode really set up was more tension between House and Wilson. Because even though House essentially did nothing wrong (it's not like he and Amber were having an affair), it's still House's fault that Amber was on the bus, which means that Wilson holds House responsible for her death.

And the note at the end-- "Sorry I'm not here. Went to pick up House. <3 A." So sad. But what an amazing episode.


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