Sometimes when you attempt to summarize "House" episodes in one sentence, the results are so preposterous that you wonder why anyone would watch this crazy show. For example: House kidnaps a soap opera star because he thinks he is dying because his line delivery has gotten slower while Cuddy tries to keep herself from getting fired during a hospital inspection by making Cameron do House's paperwork, despite the fact that Cameron is the HEAD DOCTOR IN THE ER and really doesn't have time to do someone else's paperwork while Wilson and Cut Throat Bitch argue over mattresses. Wow, that was a terrible run-on sentence. And ok, this episode wasn't that crazy when you remember some of the other story-lines House has done (remember when Cameron thought she had AIDS because a drug-addict spewed HIV-positive blood into her face so she took the guy's advice and got stoned and subsequently slept with Chase? Good times...), but I have to say, I just wasn't a huge fan of this week's "medical mystery."

Have you ever noticed that some people are so perfectly attractive that they're kind of ugly? Like Ryan Seascrest. Or Brad Pitt. (Yes, I just called Brad Pitt ugly. Let the hate mail ensue!) That's what the guy playing the soap opera star in this episode was like. It was kind of distracting. His bad acting was also kind of distracting.

We saw Chase for a grand total of three seconds, where he only asked if he would get fired if he didn't keep an eye on House, and then left when Cuddy's silence indicated that he wouldn't. If I was old enough to drink, I would start a drinking game where you have to drink every time Chase has a line. Except that would be no good, because no one would get drunk. And it's so unrealistic that the head doctor in the ER would go and do paper work for her old boss, but that's how they managed to get Cameron in this episode. She was in the background of all of the differential scenes, giving her two cents. And I know I gave her a lot of crap last week, but you guys, I miss Cameron. Now that she stands up to House, I feel like she would contribute more as a member of his team and not be a baby every time something didn't go her way. Although I guess the point is that now that House isn't her boss, she can be more assertive towards him. Whatever, I miss her (although, sweetie, you looked better when you were a brunette), especially with the new team being so boring this week. Tuab bitched some more about his life (really, writers, is that all you can come up with for "character development"? There must be more to this guy than the fact that he cheated on his wife and and had to switch hospitals and give up plastic surgery to keep his marriage intact. He made a mistake, but he loves his wife. We get it.) Kumar, I mean Kuttner, didn't do anything cool or dangerous, like electrocuting himself (that was so cool. We need more electrocution on this show.) And 13 had the same facial expression the entire time.

Wilson and Cut Throat Bitch were just kind of annoying (she's only cool when she's putting down House), and Cuddy showed once again that she has no control over her employees.

Next week actually looks promising, with House getting injured and losing his memory. House being his own doctor has resulted in some pretty cool episodes (remember Three Stories?), and I'm hoping this one doesn't disappoint.

Come on, House, I command you to be good again. You don't want to make me start watching One Tree Hill, do you?


Anonymous said...

Oh, not One Tree Hill (and no drinking games!!). It was not the best episode, especially following the riveting Bones...

Tex said...

House this season is soo disappointing.

Also, way to pick up on the recap's description of "Amber." =)

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