"House's Head": Ok, So This Partically Makes Up For A Horrendous Fourth Season

I know they've done episodes like this before, but they haven't done one in a while, and I am pleased to say that this episode is by far the best of season four. "House's Head" takes us inside, what else, House's head. The story line is kinda complicated but it basically goes like this: House was in a bus crash. Before the bus crashed, he saw someone who is dying. He has head injuries and has lost some memory, so he doesn't remember who (or is it whom?). He tries multiple methods of evoking said lost memories, drawing in the entire main cast. Cuddy strips (And can I just say: Ew!). Thirteen's real name may or may not be Dr. Hadley (I'm thinking it is). Oh and guess what? The passenger on the bus-- the one who is dying-- it's Amber (aka Cut Throat Bitch). There were some plot holes, like why didn't House continue doing hypnosis with Chase when it was clearly working? (Because then House couldn't have tried all those other cool ways of getting back his memories, that's why.) And I don't know about having the audience figure out who the mystery person was a full 30 seconds or so before House. But overall, it was a great episode. I just hope next week's finale (and conclusion of this storyline) can live up to the standards that have now been set.

Promo for next week here.


Anonymous said...

yeah, that was a good episode,creepy and interesting, except too much pole dancing (Fox returning to its sleazy roots).

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