How I Met Your Mother-- Good, But Not Great

This week's "HIMYM" wasn't fantastic, like most of the episodes have been recently, but it was ok. I would say though that it's the second-weakest post-strike episode (No Tomorrow being the weakest). Something about this episode didn't quite click. Which is not to say that it was a terrible episode, I just didn't enjoy as much as I thought I would.

The Good:
-Ted and Stella. Those two are so cute together, and I absolutely love Sarah Chalke. Stella brings out the funny, adorable side of Ted that we all love. I'm actually kind of hoping she's the mother. (Although if she is, the writers will have some 'splaining to do. Like why the kids didn't recognize that she was their mother.)
-Robin asking Ted why he wasn't mad at her. I thought that was realistic, and I thought that Ted's response was believable.
-Marshall's list of things that happened in 2003. ("Seabiscuit was just galloping into theaters. And our hearts.")
-Crazy Willy (play Cranium, watch 27 Dresses, everyone's home by 11)
-"Legendary... wait for it... dary."

The Bad:
-Barney not being with the rest of the group. He just isn't nearly as funny as he is when he's with the regular gang. And yes, that was kind of the point of the rebound bro, but still. Barney needs to be funny.
-Barney and Robin not going anywhere as a couple. I know, I know, they need to give it some time, but subtle hints that they're into each other would be nice.

The "Meh":
Will Forte. Now I love Will Forte in SNL, but last night I wasn't crazy about him. He and Neil Patrick Harris didn't play off each other as well as I had hoped. The fault here though lies mostly with the writers, who gave Forte a very sitcom-y role to play. Dancing like crazy and then pretending to be cool? It's been done. A lot. Although I have to say, the hiding under the table thing was hilarious.

Next Week: Britney's back! Oh lord...


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