No Surprise There: Castro's the Latest Casualty on "Idol"

Way to ruin any semblance of suspense, Ryan. By saying that the top three vote getters were all within a million votes of each other, you flat out said that Jason was going home. Not that we didn't already know, but still. Last night was pretty uneventful, so instead of recapping it, I'm just going to list the top five Jason moments, because as much as he deserved to go, I'm going to really miss him. And his b-e-a-u-tiful eyes.

#5: Ryan: What was going on last night, Jason? Jason: I dunno. Someone said I shot the tambourine man, heh heh heh.

#4: Jason ruining Ryan's moment. Ryan was doing another fake-out "we'll give you the results... after the break" thing, but before he got the "after the break" out, Jason was like, "You're going to tell us now?" Syesha: No, he's going to make us wait until after the break. Ryan: Right. After the break. Haha, Ryan. Sucka fried!

#3: Ok, so this isn't a moment, but I have to talk about his laid-back "whatever" attitude. Throughout the entire show, he's been the unpolished contestant-- the one who doesn't know how to interview, the one who doesn't know enough to look humble while he's getting praise. The one who yawns during every show (ok, that was a little bit off-putting). It was such a stark difference from the "I want to be a star, I've been ready for this since I was born" manner of the other contestants, and it was refreshing. He knew he was going home last night, and he totally didn't care. In fact, he wanted to go. Because if he hadn't, he would have had to learn three whole songs next week.

#2: During the phone-in portion, a question for the contestants was, What has been the biggest challenge? Ryan didn't ask David C., David A. gave a non-answer, Syesha gave a BS answer, but Jason said, "My brain has been dead." Well put, Jason, well put. Haha, pot-heads are funny.

And #1, my favorite Jason moment of last night's show was during his sing out-- like Ryan said, he looked relieved, and he was having so much fun. He flubbed another lyric (can we please squelch that tradition, guys?), but he just looked so happy. And that made me happy.

I'm going to miss you, Jason!


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