"The Office" Finale: "Goodbye Toby"

Before I get to the review, I just have to make something clear. I'm no purist, I watch this show in large part for Jim and Pam. Which is why I'm about to get really mad at an episode that was actually one of the best of the season.

You couldn't do it, huh, writers? After weeks of building up Jim and Pam, there just couldn't be a proposal. Which means that we probably won't get to see the proposal when it actually happens (because it would be completely unrealistic for Jim and Pam to not be engaged three months from now.) Why not, writers? You just couldn't throw us loyal fans a bone? And writers, I am warning you now, you better not use the fact the Pam is going to New York for three months as a reason to break them up. Jim and Pam are perfect together, we know that, they know that, so let's get them hitched already (but they better not elope over the summer or anything like that). I need my Jim/Pam fix!!!! Agg, this episode reminds me why I often hate this show and love this show at the same time.

Because despite the lack of a JAM engagement, there really was a lot to love. The cold open was a classic Jim prank on Dwight. The whole gag with the new HR lady (Amy Ryan, from "The Wire") thinking that Kevin was slow was hilarious. And I must say, while I was expecting Jan to be pregnant (how else were they planning on keeping her around?), I did not expect that it would not be Michael's. Then I thought, of course, she cheated on him. But no, it was even better: she went to a sperm bank while they were together. Ha! That bitch. This is the first episode in a while where I've found Jan humorous instead of annoying. Also, Ryan getting arrested for fraud-- awesome. Then there was possibly the best part of the episode, the tag, where, right after Andy proposed to Angela (and she accepted, albeit reluctantly), Phyllis walked into the office and caught Angela and Dwight, um, doing it.

And even though I don't think this episode quite measures up to "Casino Night" and "The Job," the past two season finales, it was still the best episode in a very long time. Personally, I would have loved it if this were the second to last episode of the season, and then next week we would see the fallout from the Phyllis catching Angela and Dwight together (I can just see them blackmailing her to keep her quiet) and Jim would propose to Pam for real.

Ah, I can't believe no more "Office" until the fall! What will I do during the break? Oh man, it's going to be long and hard, but I guess I'll just suck it up. That's what she said.


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