Wow, Scrubs has been really good lately. Like season 3, season 4 good. This makes me happy (happy happy happy wow I'm tired and when I'm tired my vocabulary just goes out the window...) and also sad that next week is the finale (so soon??? stupid strike...)

So I missed the first minute or so of the episode because for some reason a really intense scene of ER was broadcast instead of Scrubs (gun man in the ER? They're not running out of ideas at all...) But I found the missing scene online this morning, so it's all good.

Good Things:
-I love when Scrubs uses self-deprecating humor. First with the voice-overs ("I knew what Elliott had said about the thing would change the way we were forever"), and now in this episode with the "using a slice of wisdom from one part of my life and applying it to another problem." Jordan: Seems coincidental. JD: And yet I do it almost every week. Ok, I am officially re-declaring my love for this show.
-The Legal Custodians joke. And then the dancing ad at the bottom of the screen.
-Sam tilting his head up like JD when JD has a fantasy.
-Dr. Cox and Jordan. "I have to hold Jordan's claw."
-"Chief Dr. Cox"
-Kelso being in the episode (if only for five seconds). This is a good sign that we haven't seen the last of our favorite prostitute-hiring, Ted-abusing chief of medicine.
-Kelso: "I hit the neighbor's cat last night. Quick little bastard, had to cross two lanes to get him." Ha!
-Ted standing up for himself.
-Janitor still not liking the Todd. "You wanna trade? I can't stand him."
-And best of all, JD and Elliott. Sometimes they're really hard to root for as a couple because they've managed to bring out the worst, most neurotic and immature sides of each other. But now they're getting to be good friends (not just people to hook up with) and Elliott is bonding with Sam. JD and Elliott might both have grown up enough that they can now handle a real relationship. It's not clear now when (or if, the writers could just be screwing with us) it will happen, but I'll admit, I'm rooting for them. The last scene where they were talking about how the barrista said that Sam looked like them was really sweet. Oh and Turk and Carla are totally for them too. Oh and they played that awesome Modest Mouse song during that scene. Yay for more good Scrubs music! Wow, I tried to do bullet points and ended up writing a paragraph. Well done, Maddy.

Next week is the season finale and the last episode to air on NBC. Princess Bride homage! I'm so excited!!!

P.S. In addition to The Office and Scrubs, I also watched 30 Rock. That is a funny show. Just sayin'.


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