"Scrubs", "The Office" Disappoint

Short post today because I'm tired and last night's shows weren't all that good.

First, "Scrubs." I was so excited for this episode because I heard it was going to be an homage to The Princess Bride and I love that movie. It's one of my two favorite movies of all time (The other being Almost Famous. Yes, my interests are diverse.) But it was more of a general fairy tale episode than an homage to The Princess Bride. In fact, there was really only one Princess Bride-like line-- "Hello, my name is Percival Cox, you're killing my friend, prepare to die." And he didn't even say it in the Inigo Montoya voice! There were some highlights, though. They had a creative way of pulling all of the characters into the fantasy (loved the janitor as the giant and Ted as the hunchback), and the switch back to the hospital room (it was like a pop-up book) was a really cool effect. Dr. Cox and Jordan had a nice moment at the end of the episode, where we found out that there was not a happy ending to the story in real life. But the episode wasn't all that funny (except for the joke where everyone froze when The Todd was around, confusing him and making him go away). And it was out of order. I hate it when shows do that! (Yes, "Bones," I'm also talking to you.) This episode was set back before the strike, when Keith was heartbroken, Kelso was Chief of Medicine, and JD and Elliott had recently had their almost-kiss, so it wasn't just out of order, it was waaaaaay out of order. Elliott and JD discussing their almost-kiss felt like a step backward in their relationship, which it wouldn't have been if the episode had aired when it was supposed to. Overall, it wasn't a terrible episode, but I was expecting so much more. Remember "My Way Home," the Wizard of Oz homage way back in season five? I was hoping that this episode would be like that, except, of course, Princess Bride style.

I'm glad that ABC is picking "Scrubs" up for one last season, because to have the show end like this? That would be inconceivable!

The Office. So it wasn't funny last night, it was just awkward. Last week we were shown Micheal bordering on competent, this week, he's back to being completely clueless. And completely clueless Micheal is funny, but only in the office. Not in the outside world. It just gets too awkward (remember "Business School"?), and makes me squirm and cover my eyes. What is with all of these episodes not in the office? The whole point of this show is to show the misery of working in an office, right? Ag! The only good part of this episode was the long Jim/Pam kiss. More of those, please! Oh, and I laughed when Andy crashed the golf cart.

Next week is the (one hour) season finale, and it better be good. The last two season finales have been epic, so this one better be too. I will be happy if:
-Jim and Pam get engaged. For real. No screwing with us, writers.
-More Angela and Dwight awkwardness.
-Ryan. I want to know more about his drug problem.
-Do not bring back Jan. If she comes back and announces she's pregnant or in love with a stripper (ok, that would be funny) or she's missing Micheal and got another boob job, I will throw something at my TV.
-Minimize Andy's role please. I like Ed Helms, and I'm hearing that he'll be heading up the spin-off, but he's like Micheal junior. And one Micheal is brilliant, but two Michaels is too much.
-It's funny. It better be funny. And awesome. And live up to that promo that we saw last night that promised we would be "talking about it the next day."


Anonymous said...

I liked the Scrubs episode! Loved the giant/hunchback thing, and also liked the way Dr. Cox was somewhat humanized.

Now, the Office - totally agree, get the office back in the office!! Otherwise it's too cringe-y.

Tex said...

Do a 30 rock recap! It's soo much better than either of those shows right now and it really deserves it.

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