Socially awkward kids spelling words that I've never even heard of? I'm in!

Other than "So You Think You Can Dance" (which I will blog about as soon as they get past the audition stage), there's really nothing on TV right now. Which is why I am extra super excited for tonight's National Spelling Bee.

Seriously, these kids are amazing. I don't think I'll ever be that smart. And they're real kids-- they're not beautiful actors with fake glasses and braces to make them seem "nerdy"-- they're the type of people you almost never see on TV. Some of them are really young too-- like 8 or 9. And there's a fair amount of suspense considering you're essentially watching kids stand on stage and spell obscure words. I find myself developing favorites as the night goes on and being genuinely bummed if they get out. Plus, I feel smart watching it, like I'm expanding my vocabulary (even though there's no way I'm going to remember how to spell these words).

So do yourself a favor-- if you're home tonight (don't lie, I know you don't have anything better to do), watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee at 8 on ABC. Oh man you guys, I am so excited!


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