Whitney Wins! "Top Model" Crowns Its First Plus-Size Winner

Called it! And at least Anya got to the final two. I still think Anya should have won, but what are you going to do? We knew it couldn't be Fatima, because of the no two black girls in a row rule (not actually a rule, but a pattern in "Top Model". Also, there are never two white winners in a row.) And Anya, beautiful Anya who actually looks like a top model, couldn't win because that would have been too predictable. I thought they were going to eliminate her after her commercial, but she actually got called first during the first elimination of the night (when Fatima was sent home). Which was right, because if they had edited it like a real commercial, and not just had them talk to the camera for the whole thing, Anya's would have been the best.
And I liked Anya better on the runway, even with her long, confining dress. But I like Whitney too (except she looked better and more model-esque with darker hair), and it really is about time that a plus size girl won. Except...
Now I usually don't get caught up in conspiracy theories, but look at these pictures from before she was on ANTM:Whitney was obviously a lot skinnier before the start of the show and I read here that Whitney used to be a size four, but was approached by the top model producers and told if she gained 10-20 pounds, they'd put her on the show as a plus-size model. Which makes all of her "every single second of every single day is a struggle for me" melodrama even more overwrought and fake. Whatever, I just look forward to seeing if she looses a ton of weight now that the show's over.


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