Yay, The Office Is Actually Back In The Office

See what good things happen when they actually have the show in the actual office? This week's episode was not my favorite by a long shot, but I liked it so much better than last week's.

Good Things:
-Stanley got a story-line (yay Stanley)
-Another fake proposal
-Funny Creed TH (blind Jazz musicians)
-Funny Kevin TH
-Pam translating Kelly's hand print idea
-Micheal putting his face in concrete
-Dwight beginning to get his revenge on Andy (btw, that car is actually for sale on ebay). Sad Dwight is funny, but regular evil Dwight is so much funnier.
-Pam's glasses ("I spent the night at a, um, friend's house and I didn't have my contact solution." Pause. "Shut up.")
-Darrell giving Micheal advice on gangs. I was sure that Micheal was going to tickle Stanley, but alas...
-Micheal acted like a sane person (eventually) while resolving the Stanley-respect crisis, which was good because it was realistic. Props to Steve Carell and Leslie David Baker for good dramatic performances.
-The tag. That was the funniest tag in a long, long time. "Ok, everyone out but Phyllis."

Bad Things
-Just on real complaint here: what is up with Ryan and his beef with Jim? We know that Jim went over his head talking to the guy at corporate, but Ryan really seems to have it in for him. And then Jim didn't tell Pam about it. Are they setting Jim up to get fired? I sure hope not...

Overall, a solid episode. Next week they're going out of the office again (ag), but I'm being optimistic that since it's the penultimate episode of the season, the Jim/Pam story line might actually go somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree, the office should stay in the office.

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