HIMYM Rerun Style- "Aldrin Justice"

If I were in charge of picking which reruns air when, I would have started off the summer (well technically it's not summer yet and p.s. wouldn't that be an awesome job?) with a classic episode like "World's Greatest Couple" or "Swarley" instead of an only ok one, like "Aldrin Justice." But it's HIMYM, so even the not as amazing episodes have some great moments.

The Good:
-The cold open-- Lily working at the Hawaiian restaurant (haha as I write this, I'm listening to Jack Johnson. Who is from Hawaii. Sorry, I thought it was a funny coincidence.) and Marshall taking pictures of her with a poloriod camera. And Robin: "I think it's my birthday."
-The Barney/Marshall sub-plot with the identifying signs of a cougar (hair, nails, blouse). Not the funniest Barney storyline ever, but I love that he broke his hip (after eight weeks of physical therapy, he'll be good as new.)
- "To Ted, the youngest guy to design a building taller than 70 stories... probably."
-All the references to how Ted's boss's building design looks like, erm, male genitalia. I think my guy friends have corrupted me because I found those jokes really funny.

The Bad:
-I never really liked the Ted-at-work storylines (I'm not counting "Ted Mosby, Architect" because it wasn't really about Ted at work) mostly because they tend to be light on the funny and heavy on the awkward ("Columns," another episode featuring Ted-as-architect, was one of the weakest of the series).
-I kind of hate it in sitcoms when characters say or do things people would never say or do in real life just for a laugh. So the Lily-stealing thing really bugged. HIMYM prides itself in being a very un-sitcomy sitcom, so it bothers me even more here than it did on say, "Friends." Yes, Lily, taking things away until people have learned their lesson is a good strategy when dealing with your kindergarteners, but taking clothing from a store after a salesperson is rude? That's called stealing.
-Ted's boss is really obnoxious. Not funny-obnoxious (like Barney can be sometimes), just obnoxious.

An ok episode, but not one of HIMYM's finest.

Next week's rerun is "Monday Night Football," the episode that was originally supposed to air after the Super Bowl. Really funny, really awesome episode. Barney and his gabbling addiction is hilarious. Not to mention Marshall getting blackmailed by a five-year-old.


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