HIMYM Rerun Style- "Lucky Penny"

Before I start, I have to make a confession: I didn't watch last night's episode. I watched "Flight of the Concords" on DVD with my best friend instead. But I have the first two seasons of HIMYM on DVD, and I've seen the episode recently, so I feel qualified to review it. So without further ado, "Lucky Penny."

The Good:
-The fact that the lucky penny was referenced in an earlier episode ("The Scorpion and the Toad") The part of me that is in love with continuity (and that is a large part of me) was jumping up and down at that.
- The flashbacks. This episode is composed almost entirely of flashbacks and each character had a key part in the flashback sequences.
-Barney's reason for not being able to go to the wedding dress sale ("I can't go. I have this thing." "What?" "[Not including his response for fear of my mom's wrath. Just watch the episode.]")
-The flash forward at the end to Ted's wedding, putting to rest any speculation that the kids are not his kids and that he really does marry Robin.
-Barney's legs giving out on the subway. And his moaning. Neil Patrick Harris does a really funny Barney-moan (also showcased after he gets slapped in "Slapgiving")
-"We are Marshall!" Marshall uses the cheer of the football team from the movie "We Are Marshall." Never saw the movie, but the preview, with everyone yelling, "We are Marshall!" over and over cracked me up. As did the reference here.

The Bad:
-Oh dear maybe I should have watched the episode last night becuase I can't remeber any negatives. Which is a good sign. But if I don't list anything bad here, it might seem like this was the most brilliant and flawless episode ever. It was a great episode, but not one of the best. I'm sure there were some jokes that didn't quite work. Wikipedia is no help in jogging my memory... Oh wait I got one: the wedding dress sale flashback (Barney's comment aside) wasn't all that funny. That car alarm was really annoying. Which I know was the point, but...

Good, solid, funny episode. I liked how missing the flight turned out to be Ted's fault. And Barney losing his ability to walk cracks me up every time. Let's just all take a second and marvel at how amazing Neil Patrick Harris is. Barney is almost never not funny.

Next Week:
An even funnier almost-all-flashback episode: "Arrivederci Fierro." The gang reminiscences about all the good times they've had in Marshall's beloved Fierro after it dies just short of 200,000 miles.


Lily said...

"I watched a Flight of the Conchords dvd with my best friend"

woop woop THAT IS ME.

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