HIMYM Rerun Style- "Super Bowl Monday"

Thanks to Mother Nature and her power-outage-causing tornadoes and thunderstorms, I was unable to watch last week's So You Think You Can Dance. Which is why it has been a week (gasp!) since my last post. By fear not loyal readers (all six of you), I'm back to recap last night's HIMYM. This episode was originally supposed to air after the super bowl last year, until CBS pulled it in favor of Cold Case. Which is really a shame, because this episode had the combining elements of being awesome and having the potential to draw in new viewers. Besides, who watches Cold Case?

The Good:
-Marshall getting blackmailed by a five-year-old and then blackmailing him back. Marshall and little kids are inherently funny together, even more so when blackmail is involved. If a movie is ever made out of Roald Dahl's The BFG, Jason Segel would have to play the BFG.
-Barney and his gambling addiction. I love that we get to see how it started, and I love the conversation with his bookie ("No, you hang up. *pause* You didn't hang up either!")
- The flashbacks to past Super Bowls. Gotta love them flashbacks. "Are these chicken wings or angle wings?"
- Everyone is involved in the same story, but everyone has something different to do. Most episodes involve a A-story, B-story, and C-story, but this is just one big story with different sub-stories that all connect. Did that make any sense? If you watched the episode I think you'll know what I'm talking about. If you didn't, um, I have nothing to say to you.

The Bad:
- The Ted and Robin mini-stories were slightly less than funny at times.
- Emmitt Smith's line delivery. Although, yes, he is a football player and not an actor. And his "dance" line was sort of amusing. So much for this one being a negative.

While not a classic, "Super Bowl Monday" fits right into the "episodes that helped make season two really good because they were so funny and clever" category. Don't you miss season two? I sure do. Season four better be awesome or I will have to throw multiple pillows at my TV, like I did when I found out that Zack was Gormagon('s apprentice) on Bones. I'm still bitter about that.

Next week's HIMYM rerun is "Lucky Penny," an episode mostly composed of flashbacks. Ted misses his flight to Chicago (and with it the chance to interview for his dream job), and he and Robin try to determine whose fault it was. Barney runs a marathon and then his legs stop working. Awesome.

Oh and P.S. I looked up Cold Case and it's definitely an old people detective drama. Guess who don't watch old people detective dramas? Super Bowl viewers. Guess what they do watch? Comedies (and lots of other stuff but I'm trying to make a point here so shush). Bah.


Anonymous said...

Oh, such a good idea to have Jason Segel play the BFG - yay, BFG!!

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