I know, I know, I promised to write in a more timely fashion, but I was lazy/needed to sleep/adopted a hippo and had to take care of it. That last one is a lie. Ok, quick thoughts on the SYTYCD results show:

I was not surprised to see another entire couple eliminated. Even though it may not be fair, it makes sense not to split up any couples this early (although for some reason I think Thanye and Jessica, two dancers from different couples, will go next week). I was happy to about the departure of Susie, our resident high school teacher/tramp (Ok, maybe I would say she was a tramp if she wasn't a teacher. But she is. And I never want to see any of my teachers dressed like that.) But I thought Marquis's solo was way better than either Thanye's or Chris's. But whatever-- I wasn't really attached to him yet.

Oh, and one more thing: AWESOME group routine. That dance was freaking sweet.


Anonymous said...

Marquis is the bomb. Seriously, he is such an awesome danceer.

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