So They Think They Can Dance

I have come to a conclusion about "So You Think You Can Dance." Despite Mary Murphy being so annoying that I automatically turn down the volume when she starts talking (seriously, she makes me long for Paula) and despite Nigel being a total pig at times, SYTYCD is ten zillion times better than "American Idol." For one thing, Cat Deely is a much better host than Ryan Secreast (not that being better than Seacrest is a huge accomplishment-- come on, that guy is a robot with a faux-hawk. But Cat is amazing.) Also, everyone on this show has talent. Which you think would also be the case on "Idol", except that it's not (*coughBrookecough*). I can understand why SYTYCD is only a summer show (you can't exactly sell dances the way you can sell CDs), but I have to say, I'm really enjoying it. And I know absolutely nothing about dance. Ok, so here's what went down last night...

First couple up is Chelsea and Thanye. They talk about the best and worst things about each other (I have to admit I'm kind of a sucker for these filler videos. Even if they are completely unnecessary.) and then they do a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore about a king and his lover. She's wearing one of those collar things vets put on dogs to keep them from biting their stitches. They are kind of boring. If I had to guess, I'd say they are going home tonight. Not memorable dance plus going first equals trouble. Remember Rayven and Jamie? (Who? Yeah, the couple that went home last week.)

Then we have Mark and Chelsie doing the Argentinian tango. They are a little bit awesome. Although I actually don't care about them at all. Will and Girl-Who-Couldn't-Spell-Vegas (Jessica) do a hip-hop routine. He kicks ass. G.W.C.S.V.? Not so much, but she was ok.

So Nigel has been really mean to Matt in past weeks, saying he doesn't have a personality, and the judges were all kind of weird about the routine last night, but Matt's and Kourtni's foxtrot rountine was actually one my favorites of the night. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up watching old musicals (that's right, while the rest of you kids were watching "The Little Mermaid" and "Toy Story," I was watching Gene Kelly sing in the rain and Fred Astaire tap dance with Ginger Rogers. Thanks Mom and Dad.), but I loved it. It just made me happy. And what is dance, if not entertainment?

I haven't been discussing the little filler videos, but I have to talk about Gev and Courtney's because Gev totally wants to hit that. It's kind of adorable, actually. Anyways, their dance. It's contemporary (by Mandy Moore, not Mia Michaels, becuase Mia Michaels is guest judging) and it's pretty good. I was a little bit bored (I'm thinking that I don't quite "get" contemporary dance), but I like the pair of them.

Katee and Joshua do Broadway. I love Broadway, but I wasn't feeling this routine. Twitch and Kherrington did a better Broadway last week. The judges, however, gave them a standing ovation. I mean, it wasn't bad (more along the lines of pretty ok), but did it merit a standing ovation? No. I really like Joshua, though, although Katee really annoys me for reasons that I have yet to figure out. I would also like to take this moment to say that I don't like Nigel. I feel like if I ever met him, we would not get along. Oh wait. He likes teenage girls. Moving on...

Susie and Marquis do a tango. It is pretty good, but not quite up to snuff. There are some awkward turn-y thingies. I don't really care. What I do care about is the fact that Susie is a high school teacher slash tramp. Seriously, if one of my teachers went on that show, i would be very disturbed. I mean, clearly she is qualified and young enough to be on this show, but really? Some of the outfits she has worn (and I'm talking about the outfits she has worn by choice, I know she has no control over what she wears when she does her routines) are so slutty and trampy and if I was a parent at the school where she teaches, I would be mad. I mean, really, talk about inappropriate! (Oh man, I sound like an old grump. Get off my lawn, kids!) But anyways, Teacher Tramp and Marquis were underwhelming, but I think they'll be safe based on the fact that they got some of the harshest criticism (and people will therefore be worried and vote. That's how Brooke stayed on "Idol" so long. Not that I'm still bitter, or anything.)

Twitch and Kherrington do a waltz and even though it's to Celine Dion, and even though people in the audience are waving their arms back and forth, it's kind of amazing. Plus there's the whole story about the choreographers' daughter who has Rett's Syndrome (I think that's what it was. I'm really sorry if I got that wrong.) and has limited movement but finds joy in watching other people move. Twitchington are wearing flow-y white costumes and dance beautifully. They are so the favorites right now.

Comfort and Chris finish out the show with a krumping routine. If someone could explain the difference between krump and hip-hop, I would be eternally grateful, but what it comes down to is that Comfort was good, although could have done better, and Chris danced like the awkward white boy that he is. I kind of love them, though. I really hope they don't go home tonight.

Wow, this was long. Tune in tonight (at 9 on Fox) to see which guy and girl goes home. Please don't let it be Chris!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the run down - after reading the blog, I really feel like I watched the show, even though I only saw snippets. Also, I totally agree about Cat vs. Ryan - she's so much more appealing (maybe it's the English accent, or that she's 9 million miles tall, or that she doesn't seem to think she's God's gift to reality tv...)

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