Didn't Actually Watch It, But...

Last night was another case of Maddy going out and having a life and not being able to watch her show when she got back because her family is not in possession of a DVR and said show was not posted online. It was very sad. [Mom, I know you're reading this. We need a DVR. And cable. And I would like to tear down the wall between Johnny's room and mine and make a super-room. Johnny can sleep in the basement. (Kidding.)] So anyways, even though I didn't watch the SYTYCD results show last night, thanks to this newfangled thing called the internet, I know that Kourtni and Matt were kicked off. I never really cared for Kourtni, but Matt leaving makes me sad. He was just so long and spry and happy. Why not Thanye? I guess they didn't want to give Comfort a new partner for the second week in a row. Bah. Oh, and I saw Gev's solo on YouTube and it was freaking awesome. That's all for now. Happy 4th of July!


Lily said...

YES. SUPER ROOM. yes to the super room.

p.s. update this jank. i hope you know i read it regularly.

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