Dr. Horrible Is Horribly Hilarious

A while ago I stumbled upon this trailer for the upcoming web series "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." It looked quirky and funny, plus it combined two of my favorite things: Musicals and Neil Patrick Harris.

Created by Joss Weadon, of "Buffy" and "Firefly" fame, and starring Harris, Nathan Fillion (of "Firefly," though I know him from the sweet, off-beat movie "Waitress"), and Felicia Day ("Buffy"), "Dr. Horrible" is a three-part series about Dr. Horrible (Harris), his nemesis, Captain Hammer (Fillion), and the girl he loves, Penny (Day). Also appearing is Simon Helberg ("The Big Bang Theory") as fellow villain Moist. From practicing his evil laugh on his blog (he's been working with a vocal coach; an evil laugh is essential to admittance into the Evil League of Evil) to crushing on the girl he sees at the laundromat, Dr. Horrible is one of the most lovable villains you'll ever see. Full of catchy songs and clever dialog, this mini-series is one of the best things to come out of the writers strike. You can watch Act One here (Acts Two comes out tomorrow and Act Three releases Saturday) or download it on iTunes.

And if I may get fangirl-y for a second here: Omigosh I love it and I've already seen it three times and I had a huge smile on my face through the entire thing. Watch it!!


Anonymous said...

omg, this is so funny!!! Such great lines - I love the pie comment (NPH, Act II). And the cast -awesome!! Thanks for tip, oh MAD one!!

Anonymous said...

The author has a delightful sense of humor and write VERY well. Such characteristics are no accident, as Darwin could tell you were he still alive. They are not passed along by younger sibs (we don't need Darwin to tell us that!), however extraordinary such sibs might be. (Call this Mungo's First Law of Genetic Gravity. See http://www.rhapsody.com/player?type=track&id=tra.2154681&remote=false&page=&pageregion=&guid=&from=&hasrhapx=false&__pcode= .) No, these and our blogger's many other charming characteristics are almost certainly genetic, probably inherited directly from her parents; but the possibility of tracing them--or some of them--back to a more obscure source, e.g., an uncle of no apparent consequence, can't entirely be excluded.

Anonymous said...

Make that "writes very well."

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