I know, I know...

I fully intended to write about SYTYCD this past week week (I even took notes, for the first time ever), but then I got really tired and then yesterday I went to pick up my brother at camp and basically this long run-on sentence is to say sorry, I should have posted this sooner.

Since this is so late, I won't do a full recap, just a (very, very) brief summary.

On Wednesday, people danced. Some were good, others were bad. On Thursday, a toga-clad Cat told Comfort (again) and Will (NOOOOOOOO) that they were going home. I guess this means for sure that Twitch will win. Bah. I'm going to pull for Mark, just to be difficult. Also, I like Mark. Also, I am really mad about Will.

Ok, I swear I will start making an effort to post more frequently. Especially since my parents keep telling their friends, co-workers, and random hobos on the street about this blog. Parents: Please don't. Until we get cable (which is now a distinct possibility-- *does victory dance*), there's really not a whole lot to write about in the summer. Plus, SYTYCD is so much less fun to mock than American Idol. For one thing, there are no contestants that I really dislike. I could hate on the judges every week, but that gets old (there are only so many ways to say "Nigel is a perv" and "MARY MURPHY


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad about Will - wah-h-h-h-h!

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