Long Overdue Comments on SYTYCD

I didn't watch the Wednesday (performance) show last week (I was having an "Arrested Development" marathon with some friends, and AD trumps SYTYCD any day. Don't you just love Gob?), but did catch the Thursday results show. A few thoughts, and my dream partner list, after the jump.

Thoughts about the results show:

1. Not surprised that Thayne and Comfort are gone. The judges practically told us before any one even danced their solos that Team Thomfort was toast. I'm not even that disappointed. I liked Comfort, but she really wasn't dancing that well (As a side note, they really cleaned her up since her first audition, didn't they? No braces, no piercings, and long, relaxed hair instead of her original short, curly 'do). And I will not miss Thanye's creepy smile. Or any of the rest of him. Although Mia Michaels will. She and Thanye were even wearing the same shirt (I really wish I had screen caps to show you, because I laughed for like 10 minutes when I realized they were wearing identical white tank tops).

2. Speaking of identical clothing choices, there were three or four people wearing "IV Real" shirts. Get it, "4 (in roman numerals) real"? (Yeah, that took me a while. I was like, why are they wearing shirts that say "I.V. (like the thing they put you on in the hospital) real?" Are we supporting medical research in third world countries? Clue me in, people.)

3. I was way concerned for Jessica's boobs during her solo. I was afraid that she was going to pull a Janet Jackson. Of course, her outfit choice was a strategic move; no way was Nigel going to let her go after that.

4. Katy Perry looks like a less-pretty Zooey Deschanel and cannot sing for crap. I know I'm being harsh, but it's true. Maybe she's one of those people who sounds a lot better after the studio has messed with her voice and made it, well, not awful. Like when Lenoa Lewis was on American Idol, I did not understand why her song was so popular. But then I heard the album version on this show (and p.s. that routine was awesome), I was like OOOOOOOOH. Not that "Bleeding Love" is a great song or anything. But my ears didn't threaten to fall off like when I heard the live version. So anyways, I went on itunes to see if this pattern holds true for Katy Perry as well. But it doesn't. Turns out that no amount of tweaking will make this song acceptable for human ears.

5. Twitch's solo = love. Awkward ending aside, it was the best solo I've seen on the show so far, bar none.

And now a very special list brought to you by Maddy and Taco.

So I have this trainer who's supposed to help me get some of my strength back (For those of you new to this blog, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am weak. I used to be able to run for hours on end and now I get tired after I walk for ten minutes. It is a sad story.) My trainer (I don't know if she wants her name online and also I like making up fake names, so we'll call her Taco) and I are both big fans of SYTYCD. Since this is my first season watching and her zillionth, she tells me what's going to happen later on in terms of structure, partners, etc. So apperently, next week everyone gets new partners. This is basically a very long introduction to the list we made up of partners who we think would be perfect together. We took certain things into consideration, like dance style (although there are an abundance of contemporary dancers) and technical ability. We did not, for example, put Will (arguably the strongest guy) together with Chelsie (arguably the strongest girl).

Here's the list:

Mark and Katee (both contemporary dancers, but would make an interesting couple)

Gev and Kherington (he's a break dancer and she's contemporary; she's short enough to be his partner and they would be really cute together)

Will and Courtney (both contemporary; he could help her technically, she could help bring out his personality)

Twitch and Chelsie (he's hip hop, her style is Latin, an area in which he has struggled; she's more technically proficient, he has the popularity)

Joshua and Jessica (he's a hip hop dancer and she's contemporary, they could be an interesting couple, possibly bringing out new and better things from each other)

Note: I hate Jessica and if I were really in charge of picking the partners I would apologize profusely to Joshua. I mean, if Will couldn't bring out more in her, I don't know if anyone can.

So there you have it. I was really excited about this list and really hoping that at least some of these partners would happen. Then I went online to find out Twitch's real name because I was watching Hairspray and I swear I saw him in the background (I did, and his name is Stephen Boss, in case you were wondering). I went to Wikipedia (where else?) and while I was there, I read more about SYTYCD. Turns out that after it's down to the top 10, new partners are picked each week out of a hat. How disappointing.

Also, Must. Get. DVR. I really don't want to miss another show. Oh, Mom...


Anonymous said...

Taco? Nice name...I think I may actually have to watch this show. I like dancing and all, but 2 hours?! I don't know...

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