So I know I promised that I would write about So You Think You Can Dance, but that was over a week and a half ago, and it wasn't that interesting. Joshua won. Whatever. More interesting are the Olympics. I've been staying up late every night watching sports that I only watch (or care about) every four years. Swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball. I even watched some field hockey online (and let me tell you, it looks a lot prettier than when we play field hockey (and by we I mean my team). Also they have nice turf surfaces while we play on bumpy fields with holes that fill up with water every time it rains.) Anyways. I've completely lost my train of thought becuase I suspect my blood pressure is all wacky and I am very dehydrated, but I hadn't posted in a while and I felt like explaining what I've been up to.

So, recap:

Olympics = awesome.

Chinese gymnasts- so not 16. More like 12.

The fact that they replaced a girl who was not deemed pretty enough for the opening ceremonies with a girl who was, despite still using the first girl's voice is going to permanently damage the "ugly" girl's self esteem. Come on, she's seven. All seven year olds are cute, even the ones who will grow up to be ugly. And even if she wasn't, so what? She has an amazing voice.

Oh, also, new scandal- the kids China's ethnic groups were actors, and mostly part of the Han ethnic group, the majority in China. That's no good...

And the whole fireworks thing (They weren't real! No, they were! Well, not all of them...) But all the stuff with the kids is worse. They're kids!

Micheal Phleps is amazing. He won that race last night by 0.01 of a second. That's insane. INSANE. He swims his last race (a relay) tonight.

Team USA, women's gymnastics- sad that they didn't win gold. Alicia Sacramone must feel so bad. At least the US was 1-2 in the all-around. Speaking of which, I hadn't even heard of Nastia Luikin (who was in "Stick It," I just found out. How cool is that?) before a week ago. But Shawn Johnson has been staring at me every morning from the back of my milk carton. She was set up to be America's next sweetheart, a tiny ball of pure energy. But Nastia Luikin won, and I can't say I'm disappointed. I mean, did you see her bars routine? It's fantastic.

It's so cool watching these incredible athletes do amazing things with their bodies. Too bad Bejing is 12 hours behind, though- this is seriously messing with my sleep.


Anonymous said...

The Olympics are awesome - I just wish that Bolt (Men's 100m) had run his heart out for the entire 9 seconds, rather than starting to celebrate 15 meters from the finish line - who knows how fast he would have been!

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