America's Next Top Bitch

Lots of drama in the house this week. Elina is dared to kiss Clark and interviews later that she "saw fireworks." Hannah is accused of being a racist by Joslyn, Sheena, and Brittney after pushing Isis in the hot tub. We start feeling a little bit bad for Hannah (maybe she's not racist, just ignorant), and then she compares the girls asking her if she's racist to gang rape. Annnnd the sympathy is gone. Elina wins the posing challenge. Lauren Brie takes a great picture and gets the first call out. Sheena denies having fake boobs ("They're just really big"), and then admits to it. Nikeysha goes home, after being in the bottom two with Isis. Analeigh, Marjorie, McKey, and Samantha are there too.


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