Bones is a Bust

It was just... bad. Stupid London jokes (seriously, who doesn't know what tea is?), a contrived Hodgins-Angela breakup (I used to love them as a couple, but when they broke up I just didn't care), and, worst of all, boring mysteries with uneventful conclusions. It would have been really cool if they had started off the season with a bang to reengage devoted viewers like myself who were put-off by the "Zach is a serial killer" twist at the end of last season. They could have caught the grave-digger or introduced a new Howard Epps-like character. But no. Stupid Booth driving on the wrong side of the road and not following traffic laws and Brennan just... being there (poor Emily Deshanael, she does the best with what is given to her, which is not much).

There were a few laughs, though. Booth's "I hate England! I'm glad there was a revolution!" got a giggle out of me (although I would have laughed harder if that line hadn't been constantly used in the promos) and Brennan's stiff voicemail message ("Technically you have not reached Temperance Brennan, but if you leave a message, it will reach her... me... Temperance Brennan.") But overall, it was a mess. I may actually DVR Top Model instead of Bones and watch Bones online the next day (I will, of course, be watching Pushing Daisies live). Gah. I MISS ZACH!


Lily said...

well here's what you missed: top model has a robot theme this cycle (yes, i am serious, yes, it is retarded, and yes I LOVE IT) hence the judges now have clever nicknames (tyra bot, alpha jay and beta jay). the real, true-life tranny model from pg county turns out to be real nice and down to earth and pretty and who everyone roots for and loves except of course the resident bitch, a role that, in this cycle, is filled by blonde southern gal (read: blonde southern bitch) clark (no e). there is one adorable french girl named marjorie with a cool agyness deyn haircut who might actually succeed as a model, but tyra will inevitably give her lame, vanilla looking hair extensions or dye her hair mousy brown and screw her up. there are 14 girls this cycle, as opposed to last cycle's 13 and the previous season's 12, which contrary to what whoever makes the decisions for that show seems to believe, is actually extremely confusing. just to give you an idea, THERE ARE THREE BRITNEYS. instead of calling them britney s, britney r, and britney b, tyra, in her infinite wisdom, asked that two of them change their names. they are now britney, sharaun, and mckey. WHAT??? how do you get sharaun and mckey from britney?? oh and there was one of those "political" photoshoots that really don't have anything to do with politics (one of the girls' issues was cloning. oh yeah, very relevant to the election.

all in all, antm was cheesy, crazy, weird, irrelevant, and remains to be THE BEST SHOW EVER.

Anonymous said...

Bummed about Bones...they should never have dumped Zach.

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