Coming Back Tonight: Bones and Top Model (!!)

On TV tonight AT THE EXACT SAME TIME (and that is a problem because we don't have our DVR yet) are new episodes of Bones and Top Model. I will be watching Bones, but I'm a little bit less than excited (I'm still mad that they made my favorite character a serial killer). I might actually start watching Pushing Daisies live, DVR-ing Bones, and watching Top Model online once PD comes back (Why are three of my favorite shows all on Wednesdays at 8?), but tonight I choose Bones. They're going to London! But Top Model has an honest to goodness tranny model from PG county, MD (which is right near me). And my friends are having a Top Model party. This is too hard! (That's what she said. God, when is The Office coming back?) I'll let you know what I chose tomorrow. It will probably be Bones. But who knows?


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